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The reason why Apple's AirPower was cut has been revealed: early prototypes show overcharging problems

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Shulou( Report--, December 20 (Xinhua)-- the source Kosutami recently tweeted on the X platform, sharing the prototype of Apple's AirPower product. Note: when Apple announced iPhone X in September 2017, Apple released AirPower, which is based on the Qi wireless charging standard and can charge iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time.

In Apple's original vision, users could recharge their iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch on any part of the charging pad and display a unique iOS animation.

Apple was originally scheduled to launch in 2018, but due to many challenges in the development process, the official abandoned the AirPower project completely in March 2019.

The AirPower prototype shared by Kosutami this time is equipped with 15 charging coils, unlike later revisions with up to 22 coils, which have a small gap inside.

Like other AirPower prototypes in the past, the device does not have the white shell that Apple sells to the device, showing its internal circuits more clearly.

Kosutami said in a tweet that the prototype, B431, can charge multiple devices at the same time, such as Apple Watch and Android phones, but he also said the Apple Watch was turned off because it was overheated after less than half a minute of charging.

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