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Douyin's crackdown on six new types of illegal and illegal practices, such as "maintenance account" and "AIGC fraud", will be severely punished.

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In order to protect the rights and interests of users, the official Douyin account recently issued a notice to severely crack down on six new types of violations, including "AIGC fraud", in response to attempts by black ash production gangs to improperly increase their fans and "maintain their accounts" through illegal acts.

According to a person in charge of Douyin Security Center, recently, black ash production organizations have tried to release low-quality and even illegal content through various new behaviors, such as "AIGC fraud", "stealing other people's live content and editing it," and "releasing training courses in the official name", so that their accounts can quickly increase fans, "maintain accounts," and improperly profit.

It is reported that the focus of this new practice includes the use of artificial intelligence technology (AIGC) to create virtual characters to imitate real people, and to publish the so-called "emotional chicken soup", "popular science knowledge", "financial management to get rich" and so on. Second, there are black ash production gangs trying to use all kinds of tools to steal other people's live or short video content, which are simply edited and released in large quantities.

There are also some black ash group accounts disguised as Douyin "official accounts", calling themselves "official co-creators of the platform", imparting secret books such as the so-called "fast rising fans" and inducing users to buy courses in the form of "paid lectures". In order to carry out fraud.

In addition, the Douyin Security Center also disclosed that some black gray group accounts confuse middle-aged and elderly users and even commit fraud through "local love words", producing low-quality cartoon images to deceive minors to click and pay attention, using vulgar pictures as account avatars to drain and carry out emotional fraud.

Douyin said that the platform has strictly dealt with the above six new types of violations. The specific disposal methods include, but are not limited to, the cancellation of its contribution and profit authority, the erasure of fans, the closure of accounts, and the withdrawal of MCN institutions to which illegal accounts belong. If the circumstances are serious, Douyin will report to the public security organs to cooperate with the investigation and crackdown.

"the platform will severely crack down on the above-mentioned new illegal and illegal practices," the official said. "We also hope that the broad masses of users will be more vigilant and work together to create a safe community atmosphere."

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