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Fake news websites around the world have increased more than ten times, and AI tools have become accomplices.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 20, NewsGuard, an organization that tracks false information, released a report on December 18 that since April this year, the number of fake news websites hosted by artificial intelligence has increased by more than 100%, with an average monthly increase of nearly 144%, from 49 websites to more than 600. Without supervision, they use AI technology to fabricate false news and false data and act recklessly.

Tuyuan PexelsNewsGuard's team has identified 614 unreliable AI-generated news and information sites in 15 languages, some of which generate hundreds or even thousands of articles a day. These sites often disguise themselves as regular news sites, using seemingly authoritative names such as "headlines", "Daily current events" and "Business Daily" to deceive defenseless readers. notes that NewsGuard's research points out that the emergence of AI tools facilitates misinformation disseminators and content farms, making it easier and more efficient to produce fake news. Anyone, whether it's a teenage tech enthusiast or a top intelligence agency, can easily create such sites.

What is more worrying is that many people lack the ability to distinguish between true and false information and are easily deceived by carefully packaged false content. False news often involves sensational content such as the death of celebrities and scandals, which take advantage of people's emotional weaknesses to spread. In fact, compared with the news content that has been heavily checked by professional editors and journalists, the false information mass-produced by AI robots is full of errors, illogical details and specific robot terminology that can be detected with a little attention.

What is even more infuriating is that many well-known brands put advertisements on these fake websites to provide financial support. In order to make a profit, they ignore the authenticity of the content of the website and put advertisements on these fake news sites, providing a steady stream of financial support for the production of fake news.

So, how to deal with this problem? NewsGuard advises readers to be wary of the following:

False facts and language style: news generated by robots often contains factual errors and language styles different from those of human journalists, such as the repeated use of specific terms or sentence patterns.

News release frequency: real news websites do not publish a lot of news every day, while fake news websites do not hesitate to create a large amount of false content in order to attract traffic.

Lack of editorial supervision: formal news websites are usually subject to strict review by editors, while fake news websites lack such a supervision mechanism.

NewsGuard believes that although many news sites will use AI tools to assist content production in the future, they will not have the same amount of unchecked information as these fake websites do now.

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