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Bulls global travel converter quick recharge release: suitable for 200 + countries or regions, is a socket and a charger

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Shulou( Report-- December 20 news, the Bulls on a new "global travel converter fast recharge", claimed to be suitable for 200 + countries or regions, is a socket and charger.

The product uses fillet cube design, known as Jack integration, support multi-national standard plug conversion, including European standard, British standard, American standard, Australian standard and so on.

The design of the product is a bit similar to the multicolor spring pen in the early years, and different standard plugs are converted by pushing buttons.

In addition, the converter adopts international general 100V~240V wide voltage design, with combined Jack + bipolar Jack + 1 USB-C + 1 USB-A, supports up to 4 devices to charge at the same time, and supports 20W PD fast charge.

In terms of safety, the converter supports 8 protection, a built-in smart chip for power distribution, an overload protection indicator and a "dustproof door" design.

The price of the converter is 131.6 yuan on the e-commerce platform, and the parameter table is attached to Bulls 20W PD quick charge USB multinational travel conversion plug 131.6 yuan direct link

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