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Nine models, including vivo X90 and iQOO 11, will be recruited in the public trial of OriginOS 4, and will be pushed before December 27.

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Thanks to the netizen X42, so-and-so I am in, the elemental girl Nayina, I am not happy, desert wind whistling month clue delivery!, December 20, vivo recently announced that nine models, including X90 and iQOO 11, have started the recruitment of OriginOS 4 in public trials from 10:00 on December 20, 2023 to 23:59 on December 29, 2023.

Model requirements

Vivo models: X Fold2, X Flip, X90 Pro+, X90 Pro, X90s, X90

IQOO models: iQOO 11 Pro, iQOO 11s, iQOO 11

For the specific public test time of other models, please pay attention to the content of vivo community announcement in the later stage.

Time schedule

Recruitment time: 10:00, December 20, 2023-23:59, December 29, 2023

Push time: each model will be pushed in batches according to the order of registration. 5000 people will be pushed at 10:30 on December 20, 50000 on December 23, all on December 26, and users who register on December 27 will push immediately.


The V powder that has successfully participated in the internal test does not need to sign up again, but can receive the public test version directly.

The push time should be based on the actual push time. If it cannot be pushed within the planned time due to uncontrollable factors, we will issue an announcement to inform you as soon as possible.

Models participating in public testing need to be upgraded to the following version or newer version

X Fold2:

X Flip:

X90 Pro+:

X90 Pro: 、



IQOO 11 Pro: 、


IQOO 11:

Registration method

First, upgrade the current mobile software version to the latest version. Upgrade method: mobile Desktop > Settings > system upgrade

Click here on the App side of the phone to go directly to the registration interface and apply according to the prompts. Or click "Settings > system upgrade > Settings button in the upper right corner > upgrade Taste > Public Test Registration Card on the mobile phone desktop and click the [View details] button to enter the public test registration interface to complete the application according to the prompts."

Specific ways are attached to

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