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Haichen Energy Storage "accept all rivers" full-stack industrial and commercial energy storage service is the first in the world.

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Recently, in the face of the development of the industrial and commercial energy storage industry, Haichen Energy Storage has launched a full-stack industrial and commercial energy storage service, through the construction of a full-stack service system, all the links needed for industrial and commercial energy storage, such as "products, investment, financing, construction, operation and maintenance, management", will be fully covered by life cycle insurance, and try a new mode of electricity trading, so that industry and commerce will have no worries about allocation and storage. It is reported that the service is the first global launch of the first Haichen Energy Storage Ecology Day successfully held in Chongqing on December 12.

Targeting industrial and commercial energy storage trillions of blue ocean

According to the prediction of Wood Mackenzie, the newly installed scale of domestic industrial and commercial energy storage will reach 3GWh in 2023. Data show that in the first half of this year, the new installed capacity of China's industrial and commercial storage projects is about 452MWh, accounting for only 2% of the projected new installed scale, but the actual performance of industrial and commercial energy storage projects is not satisfactory. Where is the resistance that restricts the development of industrial and commercial storage? To investigate the reason, customers mainly have several major pain points: do not know how to store, do not dare to invest, do not know how to manage.

Under the tuyere, we need more good products and services that can stand the test.

Zhang Bin, head of the industrial and commercial terminal division of Haichen energy storage, believes that "if industrial and commercial energy storage wants to achieve long-term stable development, it needs to actively promote model innovation and link simplification."

"accepting all rivers" is a full-stack industrial and commercial energy storage service solution put forward by Haichen Energy Storage, which comprehensively integrates its own capabilities. Through the full-stack service system, it breaks down the industry pain points that hinder the development of the industry one by one.

Don't know how to store? Three major programs focus on solving difficult problems

Most industrial and commercial owners and investors have limited understanding of the emerging areas of industrial and commercial energy storage, lack of in-depth understanding and understanding of the value of the project, system security, mode of operation and so on, and have doubts about investment decisions. Haichen Energy Storage gives three solutions from product, certification and economic evaluation.

1. Haichen Energy Storage independently develops HiTHIUM ∞ Block liquid-cooled products: safety, longevity and simplicity

At present, industrial and commercial energy storage products are developing in the direction of integration and high integration. In order to meet the market demand, Haichen Energy Storage has launched its own research and development of ∞ Block liquid-cooled products, so that users can get a simple, efficient and smooth experience while using safely.

2.Powered by HiTHIUM series: 1: 1 > 2, together to create the ultimate service

Powered by HiTHIUM series is an integrated partner certified by Haichen, which designs, manufactures and provides localized services. Haichen will also provide corresponding technical support and certification standards, from the research and development, design, system, certification, safety, quality and other aspects of comprehensive evaluation, can share Haichen energy storage industrial and commercial energy storage full-stack solution.

3. Technical evaluation and economic evaluation model

Accurate economic evaluation is the key to start the project. Technical evaluation and economic evaluation model is an important tool for independent research and development of Haichen energy storage. Haichen energy storage has distributed more than ten patents in this field, which can be accurately calculated during the project evaluation period. The calculation results can be generated in 20 seconds at the earliest, and the initial feasibility study report of the project can be output within 20 minutes, which provides the decision-making basis of project income and risk for the financiers.

Afraid to vote? There are many ways to boost confidence.

The investment of energy storage project is characterized by high initial investment cost and long investment cycle. There are many concerns about the continued benefits and potential risks of the project itself. At the same time, industrial and commercial owners and investors also have some doubts about the financing of assets. In view of this pain point, Haichen Energy Storage can enhance decision-making confidence through full life cycle insurance coverage, financing channel support and electricity leasing model innovation.

Full life cycle insurance coverage: for energy storage, an emerging industry that has just sprung up in recent years, there is a lack of perfect insurance tools in the market, and major insurance institutions do not have special types of insurance to ensure the quality and performance of products and assets.

Haichen Energy Storage works with PICC, Munich re and other companies to provide quality and performance insurance for the whole life cycle of the system. Its products come with their own product liability insurance, which has been audited by the insurance company, which can effectively help customers to take out the industry-leading product performance insurance. At the same time, conventional insurance such as public liability insurance and property insurance can achieve cross-regional underwriting across the country, providing a solid guarantee for the project.

Innovation of kilowatt-hour leasing mode: the traditional business model is mainly divided into two types: owner self-input and EMC energy contract management; system safety and performance, peak-valley timing and electricity price, owner consumption and other factors need to be considered. There are many uncertainties, which bring great challenges to the investors and financiers.

Therefore, Haichen Energy Storage innovatively puts forward a new attempt of "kilowatt-hour leasing", and configures relevant quality and performance insurance to ensure the cycle times and attenuation of the products. In this mode, investors only need to pay according to the actual use of electricity when the energy storage equipment is discharged, that is, "use one kilowatt-hour of electricity and pay one degree of money".

You don't care? Enable operation and operation and maintenance

Most investors can not systematically understand the engineering management, daily project maintenance and asset appreciation income of energy storage projects. Haichen Energy Storage provides operation and maintenance capacity for this, and exports professional services for investors from project construction, operation, operation and maintenance, and operation.

In terms of operation and maintenance, through the service coverage of operation monitoring, regular spot inspection, routine maintenance and equipment maintenance, we can ensure the long-term, safe and stable operation of all the equipment of the project.

In terms of operation, Haichen Energy Storage provides value-added services such as operation analysis, strategy optimization and security early warning of the project to ensure that the revenue goal of the project can be achieved. And through aggregation, cluster scheduling, transaction forecasting and other ways to help customers participate in the power auxiliary service market, in order to obtain value-added income.

Haichen Energy Storage "accepting all rivers" full-stack industrial and commercial energy storage service can effectively solve the three major pain points of users who do not know how to store, dare not invest, and do not know how to manage, so that industrial and commercial owners and investors can dispel their worries and allocate reserves without worry.

Andustries Wanye Energy Storage Intelligent platform

Andustries Wanye Energy Storage Intelligent platform, as a base for carrying products and services, tamps the back end of all businesses, empowers ecological partners, and brings each plate together based on different scenario functions.

Zhang Bin said, "accepting all rivers in the sea represents not only the full-stack solution of Haichen Industrial and Commercial Reserve, but also our ecological cooperation concept of bowing to the bureau, daring to be the first, inclusive and shared. We will continue to iteratively upgrade the products of our ecological partners relying on technology, research and development, manufacturing and service capabilities. at the same time, through the updating and upgrading of the intelligent platform of energy storage in Wanye, we will promote the innovation of energy storage intelligence."

Nowadays, the industrial and commercial energy storage market is in the stage from 0 to 1, and the pattern has not yet been formed. Haichen Energy Storage continues to tap the pain points of industrial and commercial energy storage development, continuously optimize product functions and services, and let thousands of industries enjoy green energy smoothly.

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