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Three stars W24 | W24 Flip festivals are the best choice in the world

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The new snow comes in winter, and everything waits for spring to warm. In December, the celebration atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger, and the coming festivals provide a decent outlet for saving a year of gratitude and gratitude. Whether it's rewarding yourself or giving gifts to others, the festival is always an excellent time, and because of this, the selection of boxing has become a major "lesson" at the end of the year. For users who are looking for good gifts, Samsung W24 | W24 Flip has an ingenious and polished luxury appearance, as well as efficient and practical folding function, making it a collection choice for annual courtesy.

Samsung W24: luxurious atmosphere, gifts to relatives and friends

The Samsung W24 is folded horizontally, with a large screen full of everything, showing magnificent momentum, and the atmosphere runs through inside and outside, giving it to relatives and friends on the occasion of the festival to express respect. Adhering to the ingenuity and inheriting the luxury gene, Samsung W24 infuses ingenuity in the design of backplane, hinge and frame. The fuselage backplane made of high-end ceramic material has been polished by multiple modern processes, and the modern atmosphere of "Naduo gray" color matching is quiet, elegant and generous, just like a fine piece of art. The hinge cover covered with gem-shaped checkered pattern reflects the brand logo, together with the luxurious gold color frame, so that the noble temperament of Samsung W24 is naturally revealed, showing elegance in every move.

The Samsung W24 not only has a luxurious appearance, but also is equipped with a series of high-energy folding screen operations to help elites gallop in the workplace. 7.6 inch (right angle) immersive wide screen, one screen can accommodate a wide field of vision and browse rich information Complete multi-window view, application continuity, taskbar, drag-and-drop operation and other functions, such as PC general multi-tasking capabilities, support in the main screen at the same time split to open up to three applications, so that mobile office more comfortable, with the new generation of S Pen (Samsung W24 mobile phone exclusive), pen handling freely, accurate and efficient, so that the heart of the world Samsung W24 to become a senior assistant of the workplace elite.

Samsung W24 Flip: exquisite and elegant, present good friends

The Samsung W24 Flip is folded longitudinally. The body is exquisite and gorgeous, elegant and high-end. Offering gifts to relatives and friends during the festival can make it more attractive. In the era of folding screen, Samsung W24 Flip's exquisite vertical folding body makes it stand out among many products and focus people's attention. After folding, the Samsung W24 Flip is like a beautiful treasure box, which can not only become a scenery in the party salon, but also be put into a mini backpack to show elegance. The high-end ceramic backplane brings cool and elegant "ice porcelain white" color matching, warm and moist color texture with luxurious gold frame, showing exquisite and pure luxury beauty, and the hinge cover is carved with gem-shaped checkered patterns to make it more beautiful and beautiful, which is particularly suitable for festivals.

The vertical folding posture makes the Samsung W24 Flip have the same elegant and efficient operation mode in functional applications. 3.4-inch (right-angle) large field of view intelligent outer screen contains the universe, through rich widgets, reply messages, make phone calls, view the weather, media control, mobile payment and other operations can be done directly on the outer screen, through simple gesture control, it is not necessary to open the inner screen to deal with all kinds of information and tasks gracefully. With the extraordinary quality of the camera and vertical interaction mode, users can also freeze the Samsung W24 Flip at a suitable angle for photography, realizing a true sense of hands-free shooting, gathering relatives and friends during the festival, and elegantly shooting a group of warm festive photos without a bracket.

As the flagship of the fully functional ultra-high-end folding screen, the Samsung W24 is equipped with the second generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform (for Galaxy), equipped with 16GB+1TB powerful storage space and supporting IPX8-level waterproof performance, making it the best partner for the elite. In addition, Samsung W24 | W24 Flip also supports China Telecom Quantum Secret call, which provides reliable privacy protection for voice calls, instant messaging and file storage based on advanced quantum communication technology.

Christmas and New year follow one after another, and the festive atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger. At this time, Samsung W24 | W24 Flip will be selected as a good gift, whether it is to convey sincere friendship to relatives and friends, or to yourself as a year-end reward, it is of great collection value. Samsung W24 | W24 Flip opens the folding era with heart, showing "courtesy" and "face".

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