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The world's largest ball screen venue design company, Saudi Arabia to build the world's highest-end game arena: 3600 square meters, can hold 5155 people

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Shulou( Report--, December 20 (Xinhua)-- Design firm Populous recently revealed that Quiddya giga plans to build the world's most high-end e-sports venue in Saudi Arabia. Note: design firm Populous has previously designed the world's largest ball screen venue, the MSG Sphere,U2 band, which held a concert on September 29.

The main body of the Quiddya giga project is Qiddiya City Esports Arena, which is six independent buildings with irregular design. The exterior is designed with floor-to-ceiling glass and equipped with neon ribbons.

E-sports venues can hold up to 5155 people at the same time and are equipped with a high-tech seating system, which should be similar to the seating system installed in Sphere, providing "4D" tactile technology.

The e-sports venue covers an area of 3600 square meters, with a huge LED screen in the middle, as well as restaurants and other facilities around it.

Populous explained that

The regular entrance experience is carefully crafted, and the two halls are surrounded by seating bowls, providing unique design and functions.

These include a centralized arcade with a game lounge, an open-air market, retail stores and an immersive entertainment area. This design ambition extends to food and beverage products, providing diversity and choice through a variety of types, such as self-checkout markets and game bars.

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