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BYD gets involved in AEB Competition: testing Video exposure, 130km/h braking and braking

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens for the clues of selling melons in the back row! On the afternoon of December 20, the test video of BYD's AEB system was exposed when the car company opened the AEB competition. The test video obtained exclusively by Sina Technology shows that the U8, equipped with BYD's AEB system, achieves braking and braking in three scenarios: the static front car in the daytime 130km/h, the disappearing front car in the daytime 110km/h pair, and the static front car in the 110km/h pair at night.

A few days ago, the dispute between car companies about AEB went viral on Weibo, attracting widespread attention from users and the industry. AEB automatic emergency braking system is an active safety auxiliary function, which includes two functions: collision warning and automatic emergency braking. The system automatically detects the target vehicle, pedestrian or obstacle in front through the sensor camera and a variety of radars. When the vehicle has the risk of collision with the vehicle, pedestrian or obstacle in front, it triggers the collision warning and alerts the driver by alarm. When the driver brakes too late, the braking force is too small or there are no braking measures at all, the automatic emergency braking function is triggered to assist the driver to avoid or reduce the collision.

At present, most models in the industry can achieve car-to-car braking under the 60km/h speed segment, but if the front target is replaced by pedestrians and two-wheelers, there will be a certain decline in performance; some car companies that are good at smart driving can also achieve stable braking under 80km/h, and also have quite good ability in complex pedestrian, two-wheeler and other scenes. When the speed is raised to 100km/h, it puts forward higher requirements for perception, regulation and control, as well as chassis braking ability.

From the BYD AEB system test video exposed this time, we can see that the braking distance of the test vehicle is very short, the distance between the test vehicle and the test fake workshop is very long after braking, and the attitude control of the test vehicle is better in three scenarios: the daytime 130km/h to the stationary front car, the daytime 110km/h to the disappearing front car and the night 110km/h to the stationary front car.

The BYD AEB system to achieve 130km/h braking and braking, but also set a new industry record. People familiar with the matter said that this was due to the fact that the test car looked up to the technologies such as Yi Sifang and Yunqi carried by the U8, which realized the millisecond coordinated control of the power and chassis, and improved the driving comfort after the AEB system was triggered.

In fact, behind the dispute of AEB system is the dispute of intelligence, including intelligent driving. It is generally believed that electrification is the first half of the competition for new energy vehicles, while the second half is intelligent. This also further tests the comprehensive technical capability of software and hardware of automobile enterprises.

Wang Chuanfu, chairman of BYD, has previously pointed out that the success of enterprises must first have core technology, and the reform of new energy vehicles is a technological revolution, and only enterprises with core technology can survive. If it is only a simple assembly, the chance of survival is very small.

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