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"Cambara Space Program 2" big game update "for science!" Go online and add a new exploration model

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 20, the space simulation game "Kambala Space Program 2" landed on the PC platform (Steam, Epic Game) on February 25 and launched a pre-emptive experience, EA version 168 yuan.

Game publisher Private Division has announced that the latest major update to the Kambara Space Program 2 is for science! (For Science!) is officially launched today, mainly adding new exploration models and a lot of other new content.

The update introduces a new game mode, Discovery, where players can collect and spread science from a unique biological community in the Kambala system, and then exchange science points to unlock new parts technology.

Points are available for all new science collection components, which can be used to make rockets. When there is an opportunity to measure or collect samples, the scientific collection and transmission interface will remind you.

The research list details all scientific knowledge collected during the flight and provides clear information about what has been learned and what conditions need to be met to receive scientific awards.

With a new R & D center, science can be used to unlock new content on the technology tree.

In addition, developers have improved the quality of life of the game:

An enhanced joint system has been developed to greatly reduce the shaking of large aircraft

Updated the environmental sound system

There is also a brand new shipyard-equipped with cranes and gantry, which can be used both inside and outside the mission. Along with it comes additional buoyancy improvements!

As of 's release, the game has only 50% praise on Steam, but the praise rate has reached 78% in 30 days, and the problem of poor early optimization of the game has been alleviated.

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