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Hongmeng native application development has made rapid progress, and a number of top APP have achieved phased results.

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The big head enterprises are really taking action! Recently, leading enterprises in various fields, such as Alipay, Meituan, Nail, Amap, Little Red Book, same trip, Construction Bank, CCTV, and so on, have announced that they have cooperated with Huawei to launch Hongmeng native application development. several of them have been "far ahead" on the road of Hongmenghua and have made considerable progress. More and more enterprises, this time is really can not sit still!

Little Red Book: comprehensively optimize the experience of Hongmeng's native application Beta version

Since Xiaohongshu reached Hongmeng ecological cooperation with Huawei in August this year, it has actively promoted adapting HarmonyOS NEXT and made rapid progress in development. It took the lead in completing the development of Beta version of Hongmeng native application on November 24, becoming the first App to complete the development of Hongmeng native application Beta version among more than 200 million monthly active users.

Developers of Little Red Book discuss App development and design

Next, Xiaohongshu will make every effort to optimize the overall stability, performance and multi-device interactive experience of the application, so as to speed up the landing of Xiaohong's native application.

Construction Bank: the core function of Hongmeng native application will be completed by the end of this year.

Construction Bank, as a giant in the financial industry, will complete the development of the basic framework, main page, login and transfer and other core functions of the original application of mobile banking Hongmeng by the end of this year, and test related functions. It is reported that the HarmonyOS NEXT version of the Construction Bank App, in the interface design using Hong Meng's design concept, making the interface more concise, lively, more smooth operation.

R & D staff of China Construction Bank discuss technical details.

As for the function of App, it not only retains the original function, but also adds one-click query balance, one-click query transaction records and other convenient functions, and introduces intelligent recommendation, but also can recommend financial products according to users' consumption habits. In addition, in terms of security, the security mechanism of HarmonyOS NEXT is also used to effectively prevent network attacks, and at the same time, multiple authentication functions are strengthened to improve the security of accounts. Many innovative features and experience optimization will enhance the user experience in an all-round way.

Same trip: invest 150-member R & D team to develop at full speed

The same trip announced the launch of Hongmeng native application development on November 6. At present, several hundred R & D personnel traveling on the same trip are vigorously devoting themselves to the development of Hongmeng's native application. Now the core function research and development of Hongmeng's original App has been more than halfway completed, and the functions between modules are trying to merge and tune. It is expected that the core function version will be successfully completed by the end of the year, and it is challenging Q1 to complete the development of Beta version in 2024.

The R & D team on the same trip discussed the technical details.

According to the plan, the original App of Hongmeng, which will be launched in the first phase in the future, will cover the full product line booking functions such as air tickets, train tickets, hotels, vacations, and bus ticket bookings, while business travel and other functions will be updated and improved in subsequent versions.

CCTV: several modules of App are based on Hongmeng optimization function.

As the top application in the news field, CCTV Hongmeng original App development has also been fully launched, and plans to complete the development of all functions by the end of the year, including "home page" main news information module, "seeing" short video news information module, live broadcast module, "hearing" audio news message module, CCTV account module, "my" application settings and user account related modules, news comprehensive search module, radio module and so on.

The development team of CCTV is discussing the technical details.

At the same time, CCTV-Hongmeng original App will also be combined with specific use scenarios for targeted functional optimization. For example, the short video module of "seeing" is optimized for video preloading to improve the video experience of instant opening; the audio message module of "hearing" is used to optimize the voice of AI virtual anchors; at the same time, news features will be enriched and subscription features will be added to enhance user stickiness, improve the three-party login, three-party sharing function module, and further enhance the user experience.

In addition to the above-mentioned partners, dozens of head partners from many fields are also racing against the clock to promote Hongmeng native application development. It is estimated that the news of Hongmeng's progress will be springing up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, and this is really a thousand sails! Which one will be the next to deliver the good news?

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