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LG preview 32-inch OLED display: supports 1080p 480Hz and 4K 240Hz switching

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Thanks to netizen OC_Formula for the clue delivery!, December 20 (Xinhua)-- LG 2024 UltraGear OLED game monitors will be unveiled in the CES 2024 early next month, including 32-inch, 34-inch, 39-inch models.

32GS95UE (left) 39GS95QE (right) finishing LG 2024 UltraGear OLED game display parameters are as follows:

The model on the left is 32GS95UE, which officials say is the world's first product with both FHD ∙ 480Hz and 4K ∙ 240Hz, which can be easily changed by pressing a dedicated button at the bottom of the display. In addition, the "Pixel Sound Technology", which generates sound directly through the vibrating thin film components of the OLED display, is also applied for the first time, where video and sound are transmitted on the screen at the same time, making it more realistic.

The model on the right side of the image above is 39GS95QE, a 39-inch OLED with fish screen with 800R curvature and 3440mm 1440 resolution. The series also includes a 34-inch 34GS95QE model.

In addition to the above products, LG will also release two 45-inch curved OLED monitors (model: 45GS95QE, 45GS96QB) and a 27-inch OLED monitor (model: 27GS95QE), which is expected to be an upgrade to LG's current OLED display.

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