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Beeper Mini will once again allow the sending and receiving of Apple iMessage messages, and users are now required to use the macOS system to generate credentials

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Shulou( Report--, Dec. 20 (Xinhua)-- Beeper Mini is an Android IM app that claims to completely reverse the iMessage protocol, allowing Android users to have a "iMessage blue bubble chat experience." since its launch, the app has fought a "tug of war" with Apple, repeatedly banned and "revived" again.

▲ Touyuan Beeper blog on December 17, Beeper Mini was again banned by Apple, saying that "more than 60% of users were unable to use the app service."

Now Beeper, the Beeper Mini development team, claims that "a solution has been found" and that "users will soon be able to reuse the relevant services".

▲ source Reddit has learned that subsequent applications have been adjusted. inquires about the official announcement issued on Reddit that Beeper Mini will require users to use Apple's Mac or macOS virtual machine, install Beeper Cloud applications and generate "their own iMessage credentials", after which they can "use the relevant services for a long time" and avoid being "blocked" by official credentials.

▲ source Beeper Mini official documents do not know whether Apple will modify iMessage login credentials to "catch" hidden Beeper Mini users, and the tug-of-war between Beeper Mini and Apple will continue until one side finally concedes defeat.

However, Beeper's CEO Eric Migicovsky also retweeted a post saying that Apple would legally require Beeper Mini apps to stop service. continues to follow the incident and will bring follow-up reports.

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