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Google advises Android developers to reduce hardware requirements and allow more forms of devices to run

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Thanks to netizens Alejandro86 and Coje_He for the clue delivery!, December 20 (Xinhua) as the Android ecosystem grows, developers now need to adapt to a variety of devices, such as folding phones or tablets, which, coupled with different screen ratios, have become increasingly demanding.

At the same time, Android apps are also designed for a variety of scenarios that may be needed in the development process, such as calling a camera to scan the code, and this function must meet the hardware requirements of "having a camera".

This leads to a problem: most developers do not deliberately distinguish these App for different models, they are more likely to provide all the functions that users may use in their daily life directly in an App, which leads to some hardware requirements for specific devices also appear in other devices., for example, most Android devices (such as phones and tablets) are equipped with cameras and touch screens, while some Android-based smart TVs and projectors may not provide cameras and touch screens, so many conventional App often cannot be used on these devices because of this hardware limitation.

Therefore, Google posted a post on the Android developer blog to remind developers that they should remove some unnecessary functional requirements to improve the usability of App on different types of devices.

Google believes that developers should adopt a more flexible approach, and they should make these features "optional" rather than "necessary" where possible. For example, even if a device does not have a camera, it should support the use of its application, because users can upload photos in other ways.

This is crucial for Google, after all, there are relatively few App available on laptops, car systems, and other non-touch screen Internet of things devices, but developers generally don't have the energy to adapt to these devices, which have too few users.

In addition, Google also reminded App developers that they should deal with horizontal or vertical screens flexibly. For example, at present, large screens are generally horizontal, while many App cannot be used on cars because they do not support such screens, and do not support automatic rotation even if they can be used, resulting in a very poor user experience.

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