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The media in charge of Xiaomi car leak apologized: mistakenly mistook the declaration map of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for other media material, and fired and never hired employees involved.

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Thanks to netizens Feitian Noodle God, soft media new friend 1933769, to a mix of rice, flowers on the forest clues delivery! news on December 21, not long ago, a spokesman for Xiaomi company issued a "statement on malicious leaks and rumors related to Xiaomi car". Media "ZAKER" employee package so-and-so, "Xiaobai Buy car" employee Guan so-and-so intentionally leaked confidential filming content without permission, and Xiaomi will hold the two and their affiliated media responsible for leaking secrets.

When the time came on December 20, the two media also posted their own apologies on social platforms. "ZAKER" said that Bao, an employee of the company's automotive department, mistakenly mistook the photos previously posted by Xiaomi in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for material taken by other media during the tasting shoot invited on December 17, and mistakenly believed that Xiaomi was allowed to release the photos publicly.

So, for personal purposes, he posted three work "tidbits" with Xiaomi cars on his personal Wechat moments without authorization. Reminded by the on-site staff, Bao realized the seriousness of the matter and immediately deleted the content of the moments. But the release lasted five minutes, and the photos have spread and caused heated discussion on the Internet.

"Xiaobai Buy car" said that after the end of the shooting, Guan Mou, a photographer of the company, mistakenly thought that secrecy was limited to the company platform, without the permission of the staff at the scene and without notifying the company. For personal reasons, a local photo of the car model taken at the scene was sent to two Wechat friends, and then forwarded by friends to the car group. When they realized the seriousness of the problem, the photos had spread on the network. It can't be withdrawn.

The two media concerned said that the employees involved were fired or dismissed in accordance with the company's rules and regulations, and announced that they would "never be hired."

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On Sunday (December 17), the media leaked several pictures of the static experience of Xiaomi's SU7. Xiaomi people responded that they had locked in the leaked media and held them accountable according to the signed "confidentiality commitment letter", which was worth 3 million yuan.

On December 19, a spokesman for Xiaomi announced that the two men and their affiliated media would be held responsible for leaking secrets, and announced that in November and December 2023, three former employees of Xiaomi Automobile Department, for the purpose of charging "consulting fees", without permission to participate in the so-called "Xiaomi Automobile Seminar" organized by external brokerages and investment institutions, concocting and spreading a large number of errors and false information. Seriously mislead the market and disrupt the normal business development of Xiaomi car. Xiaomi Group has dismissed it, never hired it, and will be investigated for legal responsibility in accordance with the law.

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