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Easy WeChat CAST landed on the smart car, opening a new experience of "people and cars" scene fusion.

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"people, car, home, whole ecology" has become a hot word second only to "AI model" this year. Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and VIVO all released the experience of the integration of mobile OS and car machine. At a time when "smartphone" manufacturers are adjusting their posture to "prepare for the end", Yi Weilian Ecology has quietly landed on the machine screens of smart car brands such as BYD, Tesla, ideal, Changan Deep Blue and other smart car brands, including BYD overseas ATTO 3, HAN, SEAL and other models, which also support the "easy WeChat CAST" application. The new "intelligent era" of the fusion of people, cars and home scenes has come.

BYD ATTO 3 (overseas), car screen using easy WeChat CAST

Car screen becomes a new entrance to smart home.

Before discussing how the car screen has become a new entrance to the smart home, we need to recognize the development trends of two industries: one is the seamless control demand of the smart home, and the other is the continuous upgrading of the car-machine system and the connection of the intelligent network. Today, the role of the car screen has been upgraded from a single entertainment information display to the entrance to the connection between "car" and "smart life", of which "smart home" will be one of the most important scenes.

Ideal car, support to use easy WeChat CAST to manage smart home

Users can control the intelligent devices at home through the car screen, such as checking the security camera, controlling the garage door, adjusting the temperature, controlling the lighting shading equipment and so on. This convenient control mode is in line with the intelligent life style expected by modern people, and makes the car screen become an important entrance for smart home to achieve seamless control experience. As can be seen from the market trend, the car screen has gradually become a new fulcrum for the growth of the smart home industry.

Tesla, supports the use of easy WeChat CAST to manage smart home devices

Easy WeChat CAST gets on the bus, leading the new scene of "people and cars".

In this trend, easy Weilian CAST application takes the lead in completing the connection and integration of "car screen", becoming the leader of "smart home application boarding". With the multi-terminal innovation of "device end, cloud platform and client", it realizes the exchange of data and the integration of services, and makes the car screen become the next "control center of smart home devices".

Changan dark blue, support the use of easy WeChat CAST to manage smart home

Through the in-depth adaptation of the car screen, easy Weilian has been able to support users to experience many smart home scenes in the car. Before the vehicle arrives at home, turn on the air conditioner, lighting, sunshade and other equipment in advance to create a suitable home atmosphere. When you are about to get home, open the garage door in advance and seamlessly connect to go home for storage. These new experiences will not only enhance users' stickiness to "smart home products", but also further promote sales growth of related "smart devices".

Easy WeChat CAST, drive the garage door in advance, no need to stop and enter the warehouse seamlessly.

Industry Development and Challenge

Although the car screen has great potential to become an important entrance to the smart home in the future, this process still faces many technical and market challenges. Issues such as data security, compatibility of multi-brand cars and machines, and the cultivation of users' operating habits all need to be promoted by the joint efforts of the industry. In this regard, Yi Weilian is also striving to provide smart home services for more different "car owners" through continuous technological innovation and market cooperation, while the mainstream smart car brands that are "at the top of the sales list" of new energy will gradually support easy WeChat CAST in the first half of 2024.

Use easy WeChat CAST on BYD Han to control smart home

The revolutionary development of car screen has pushed the control of smart home and the concept of smart life to a new peak. The car-machine version of the "easy WeChat CAST" application is a major expansion of the existing car screen functions, but also opens a new door for the growth of the smart home industry. With the continuous innovation of easy WeChat and other enterprises and the deepening of industry cooperation, smart cars in the future will not only be a means of transportation, but also become an important part of the intelligent lifestyle.

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