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Galaxy S24 series flagship mobile phones are coming: the press conference will be held on January 18, featuring AI functions.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen grass Luo Yuzi for the clue delivery!, December 21 (Xinhua)-- according to previous years, Samsung's new S-Series phones will be released in the spring, and the Galaxy S24 series flagship phones will be launched early next year.

Today, reliable whistleblower @ evleaks posted a scheduled video of the Galaxy Unpacked event. The Samsung event will be held at 2: 00 a.m. on January 18, 2024, Beijing time, and Galaxy AI will be released together.

According to previous revelations, S24 / S24 + uses Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy / Exynos 2400 dual processor version, and the design has been exposed.

▲ image source Galaxy S24 Ultra fuselage is expected to be more square than the previous generation, the frame is more flat, and the edge of the screen is less curved. The new phone is closer to a straight-screen phone in terms of look and feel, with the upper frame almost at right angles to the right frame.

▲ Picture Source David Martin as previously reported by, Samsung officially announced its self-developed generative AI product Gauss (Gauss) on Samsung artificial Intelligence Forum 2023 in November. In addition, Samsung announced the launch of Galaxy AI, bringing the end-side AI model to the new Galaxy flagship phone.

According to reports, the AI Live Translate Call function will soon provide personal translation services for users with the latest Galaxy AI phones. Because it is integrated into the local call function, it can be translated without the use of third-party applications. When the user makes a call, the audio and text translation will be displayed on the phone in real time.

In addition, because it is a large model running side by side of the mobile phone, the call translation is completely local, and users do not have to worry about privacy.

The blogger @ I Bing Universe gave an affirmative answer to the question whether Galaxy AI can be used on the Bank of China's Galaxy S24 series mobile phones, saying "Yes, I am sure".

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