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Kuaishou quickly hired to join hands with stars to bring Liang long, he Guangzhi and Zhao Xiaohui to meet the "position" broadcast to meet a good position.

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Rock star Kuaishou live interview for ride-hailing drivers? "Brother Dragon" talks about "circle" beauty bloggers' self-cultivation? "Zhihui" group talk show dismantles workplace floral language …... Recently, in order to help blue-collar workers find reliable jobs, Kuaishou will launch two unique cross-border special shows "Duty" from December 21 to 22 at 8: 00 p.m.

It is understood that in the two live broadcasts, Kuaishou Kuaixin not only invited star guests who are widely loved by the brothers, but also brought many carefully selected high-quality posts for the brothers, through the interactive content that everyone likes to hear, transmit the application suggestions, positions and other information to the old iron, so that the old man can find reliable jobs, help enterprises improve recruitment efficiency, and promote employment growth.

In the first live broadcast on the 21st, Kuaishou Kuaixiang will invite second-hand rose band lead singer Liang long with the theme of "one-stop good gang stage". Liang long will not only tell you about the blue-collar job search trip before playing full-time in the band, the experience of beauty bloggers, share interview strategies, and interact with fans, but will also "interview" blue-collar positions on the spot. In the live broadcast of "fun, talk and play", we used the most fashionable job search mode to match the old man's employment.

In the special show on the 22nd, talk show actors "Rose with thorns" he Guangzhi and "beating worker mouth" Zhao Xiaohui will form a "Zhihui" group to set up a "talk show star Haogang convenience store" in the capacity of "quick hire recommendation officer". Through the three links of talking in the workplace, brilliant ideas, and willingness to help, the two will bring you talk shows related to their workplace experiences, share their working clothes and discuss the experience of moving bricks, and will express their views on "blue-collar OR white-collar workers, which is more worthy" from their own perspective, and have in-depth exchanges with their brothers.

It is worth looking forward to, as a special "job" broadcast, which is quickly hired, in addition to the cross-border participation of many stars, there are also professionals from well-known recruitment agencies to give professional advice and many well-known corporate positions. As a professional, Yan Wei, the founder of the second grade of vocational school, will work with Liang long to answer questions and questions for brothers who are looking for jobs, share the preparation for job hunting and related precautions, and bring many reliable positions such as ride-hailing drivers. In the second live broadcast, related jobs in Emma Electric cars, Pizza Hut, Fast Dog Taxi and other well-known companies will also be concentrated online.

Benefiting from the large number of Kuaishou users, strong trust relationship and high-frequency real interaction, Kuaishou Kuaishou insists on building a trust-centered recruitment relationship since its inception, and builds an employment platform for employment enterprises and blue-collar users. In 2022 alone, the total number of companies providing jobs through fast-hand recruitment has reached 240000, with more than 5 million live shows, bringing a new increase of 14% to the online recruitment industry.

Since its establishment, Kuaishou has been working with provincial and municipal people's cooperative departments, well-known enterprises in various industries, talents in different industries, media, universities, etc., to explore rich and diversified live broadcast modes and activities, not only for blue-collar groups, but also for white-collar workers, college students and many other youth groups to provide customized live broadcast content, employment guidance and quality posts.

This cross-border special "job" broadcast activity is a new attempt to quickly hire a breakthrough in the conventional content mode of live broadcast. On the basis of job information transmission, cross-border stars and multiple interactive games are added to provide high-quality positions for brothers with employment needs and recruit talents for employment enterprises. At the same time, it also constructs a new scene for the transmission of employment knowledge content. We will further promote efficient and accurate matching of supply and demand, and promote high-quality and full employment.

"stars come to recruit, old friends please take up the post". The special "post" will be broadcast soon. At 8: 00 p.m. on December 21-22, search for the "blue card live room" and make an appointment with Liang long and "Zhihui" to unlock the post.

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