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Italian-French Semiconductor and ideal Automobile sign Silicon Carbide long-term supply Agreement to help 800V platform

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Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues about the past. December 22 news, according to Italian Semiconductor official WeChat news, the company and ideal car signed a silicon carbide (SiC) long-term supply agreement. According to the agreement, Italian Semiconductor will provide silicon carbide MOSFET for ideal cars to support the strategic deployment of ideal cars to enter the market of high-voltage pure electric vehicles.

According to reports, the silicon carbide of Italian semiconductors has higher switching frequency, breakdown voltage and thermal resistance, which can significantly improve the performance and energy efficiency of power transistors, which are very important in the high voltage environment of pure trams. The 800V high voltage pure electric platform to be launched by ideal Automobile will adopt the third generation 1200V SiC MOSFET technology of STMicroelectronics in the electric drive inverter.

Meng Qingpeng, vice president of ideal automobile supply chain, said:

Ideal Automobile is committed to providing home users with higher-than-expected luxury electric cars. The signing of the SiC supply agreement with ST confirms ideal Automobile's firm decision to develop pure electric vehicle products. We are optimistic about the future cooperation with ST, the global leader in silicon carbide technology, which will be an innovative and successful cooperation.

Cao Zhiping, executive vice president and president of Italy and France Semiconductor, said:

Italian and French Semiconductor is a global leader in power semiconductors and wide band gap technology, as well as a long-term supplier to a number of well-known automobile manufacturers and first-tier suppliers. The silicon carbide supply agreement we signed with ideal Automobile marks another important step forward on the basis of the long-term cooperation between the two sides in other automotive applications. ST is committed to supporting ideal cars to become the leading brand of high-end new energy vehicles in China, providing users with excellent vehicle performance and mileage through our SiC innovative technology.

According to previous reports by, at the launch of the ideal Home Technology Day held in June this year, the ideal car released a 5C battery on the 800V high-voltage platform, which has a peak charging power of more than 500kwpm in 9 minutes and 30 seconds and a range of 600km in 22 minutes. The 5C fast charging uses a low internal resistance battery to reduce heat production by 30 per cent.

Ideal Motor also announced that it will complete the construction of 300 + supercharging stations by the end of 2023 and 3000 supercharging stations by 2025. In 2025, the average interval between overcharging stations is 100 kilometers, and a single station can serve 9-20 cars per hour.

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