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Microsoft updates the list of processors supported by Win11, adding support for Intel Meteor Lake, etc.

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Shulou( Report-- December 21, Microsoft recently updated the Win11 22H2/23H2 processor support list, focusing on adding support for Intel Meteor Lake and Raptor Lake refresh processors. attached a list of newly added Intel Meteor Lake Mobile CPU as follows:

Intel Core 3 processor 100U

Intel Core 5 processor 120U

Intel Core 7 processor 150U

Intel Core Ultra 5 processor 125H

Intel Core Ultra 5 processor 125U

Intel Core Ultra 5 processor 134U

Intel Core Ultra 5 processor 135H

Intel Core Ultra 5 processor 135U

Intel Core Ultra 7 processor 155H

Intel Core Ultra 7 processor 155U

Intel Core Ultra 7 processor 164U

Intel Core Ultra 7 processor 165H

Intel Core Ultra 7 processor 165U

Intel Core Ultra 9 processor 185H

Support for Raptor Lake refresh processor models used on desktops and some laptops has also been added:

Intel Core i9-14900

Intel Core i9-14900F

Intel Core i9-14900HX

Intel Core i9-14900K

Intel Core i9-14900KF

Intel Core i9-14900T

Intel Core i7-14650HX

Intel Core i7-14700

Intel Core i7-14700F

Intel Core i7-14700HX

Intel Core i7-14700K

Intel Core i7-14700KF

Intel Core i7-14700T

Intel Core i5-14400

Intel Core i5-14400F

Intel Core i5-14400T

Intel Core i5-14450HX

Intel Core i5-14490F

Intel Core i5-14500

Intel Core i5-14500HX

Intel Core i5-14500T

Intel Core i5-14600

Intel Core i5-14600K

Intel Core i5-14600KF

Intel Core i5-14600T

Intel Core i3-14100

Intel Core i3-14100F

Intel Core i3-14100T

This update of Microsoft's official website mainly adds a variety of processors from Intel, and AMD's Ryzen 8000 series processors are not listed at present.

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