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5 million fit, market share, growth rate double first! 2023 Tongxin UOS Ecological Conference is important again and again.

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Shulou( Report--

[Beijing, China, December 20, 2023] the 2023 operating system Industry Conference and UniCredit UOS Ecological Conference with the theme of "Evolution to the Future" has become the global focus, which aims to focus on industrial upgrading, jointly build the basic ecology, and showcase the latest cutting-edge technologies, core products and solutions of Chinese operating systems. Uni-trust UOS partners, authoritative media, academicians, experts, government leaders gathered at the scene, seven regional sub-venues were held simultaneously to witness the milestone of China's operating system.

In the keynote speech, Liu Wenhuan, general manager of Universe Software, pointed out that the wave of intelligence is surging, and the deep integration of AI with digital technology and the real economy has accelerated the upgrading of various industries from digital to intelligent. We hope that Tongxin UOS will become the booster of the evolution of the whole industry chain and start a new journey in the era of intelligent change.

Academicians and experts collectively like the belief that UOS dares to evolve.

Independent innovation is the only way to climb the world's scientific and technological peak. After 20 years of deep ploughing in the field of basic software, Tongxin UOS has always persisted in the long march of technology, painted the background of innovation, and promoted the realization of high-level scientific and technological self-reliance with key core technological breakthroughs.

Fu Jingbo, director of the Network Security Industry Development Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said in his speech that the new generation information technology fusion application innovation industry verification and demonstration center jointly built by the industry is in full swing. It will provide application scenarios, good services, perfect application ecology, expand industry market areas, and customer demand-oriented for basic software and hardware enterprises such as Uni-Credit Software. Make the basic software and hardware products from available to easy to use.

Wang Lei, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of economy and Information Technology, believes that the operating system plays a very important role in the development of the entire industry, not only in the research and development of core technologies, but also in the construction of the ecosystem. The deployment of Uni-Credit UOS has exceeded 6 million sets, providing a solid and credible digital base for digital transformation and digital economy construction.

Sun Wenlong, chairman of the Open Atomic Open Source Foundation, said in his speech that open source is one of the most advanced, extensive and active collaborative innovation models so far. Uni-trust software and the deep community donated exquisite project code, exquisite official website, exquisite store and other assets to the foundation, providing a strong support for the high-quality development of China's operating system.

Sun Jiaguang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor of Tsinghua University, said in his speech that Tongxin Software, as a leading operating system manufacturer in China, has the core technology of independent innovation and provides safe and reliable digital solutions for various industries. I am very glad to see the efforts and achievements of Tongxin UOS ecological construction.

As the organizer of the conference, Wang Jiping, chairman of Uni-Credit Software, expressed warm welcome and thanks to the guests. He stressed that building an independent and secure operating system and building an independent information technology system are the urgent requirements for promoting the high-quality development of the IT industry and the only way to build a scientific and technological power. Whether it is big data, cloud computing, the Internet of things, or the generative artificial intelligence that is popular all over the world, the operating system is the core and foundation to support the development of industry digitization and digital industrialization.

The whole industrial chain dares to evolve in terms of market share and growth.

There is no end to the weight of the country.

"the operating system is an important infrastructure of the digital economy and even the whole society. The general and core business systems of 70 per cent of the party and government, 80 per cent of central state-owned enterprises, 65 per cent of ministries and commissions, 90 per cent of finance and 90 per cent of education in China are all running on UOS." Liu Wenhuan said that the courage to evolve has always been the value of the Chinese operating system.

In the past year, with the rapid development of generative artificial intelligence and large language models, AI technology has become so real for the first time that it is closely related to everyone and every enterprise. While rejoicing at technological progress, Tongxin UOS also began a deeper exploration.

Industrial Evolution: moving towards panoramic in-depth Application

Xu Enqing, director of the government and enterprise digital transformation department of Yunda Institute of China ICT, said in the sharing that China's desktop operating system market is gradually converging with the global situation, and UniCredit UOS is taking the lead in the general market; the market scale of server operating system is increasing year by year, and the revenue growth rate of UniCredit UOS is 170%, showing a very high explosive power.

"2024 will not be a year for a company to fight, but a year to fight together, as it faces a variety of changes beyond individual perception. Tongxin UOS connects hardware downwards and supports software upwards. this kind of collaborative operations can bring breakthrough improvements to the industry." Wang Hui, executive general manager of Yiou and vice president of Yiou think tank, pointed out in his speech that the industrial chain enterprises represented by Uni-Credit Software are laying out the underlying safe and self-controllable Xinchuang ecology.

According to the data of "2023 China Xinchuang Industry Insight Research", Tongxin UOS won the exclusive bid for 300000 domestic operating systems of China Post, which is the largest purchase order in the industry; Tongxin UOS won the exclusive bid for 20,000 operating systems of Beijing Fengtai District Education Commission, which is currently the largest single bid in China's education field, and the entire demand side has changed from "simple substitution" to "upgrade replacement".

Up to now, the total shipments of UOS desktop version have exceeded 6 million, and the market share continues to be the first, while the growth rate of server version shipments is the first in the industry.

Technological evolution: a comprehensive upgrade of the AI infrastructure

Liu Wenhuan stressed: "in the next decade, the operating system needs to reconstruct the scene and evolve comprehensively based on AI."

On the one hand, AI is used in the whole process of operating system development, deployment, operation and maintenance to make the operating system more intelligent; on the other hand, the operating system also needs to adapt to the development requirements of AI and meet the heterogeneous integration of general computing power and AI computing power.

At the conference, Liu Wenhuan announced the latest progress of UOS AI: 10 + applications connected to UOS AI, including China's first self-developed IDE with AI code assistant and UOS AI API 1.0 for developers. The new UOS AI will release the system desktop intelligent AI assistant, natural language operating system (covering 40 + scenarios such as setting system functions, creating schedules, sending emails, etc.), while supporting multi-modal input and generation, knowledge Q & A, content creation, etc., to efficiently assist users to complete transaction processing and content creation.

Development evolution: pressure to invest in native application development

"the Chinese operating system has become the cornerstone of the business development of software and integrators, bringing together global open source forces to build the original ecology of UOS'" is the primary goal of Uni-Credit Software next year. We will firmly build the most open operating system development platform in the AI era and the largest operating system development platform in China. " Liu Wenhuan said.

Relying on rich development experience, Uni-Credit Software has set up a team of more than 300 senior experts to create a "UniCredit UOS developer Guide", which is in-depth layer by layer to build a developer support network, including:

Integrate the operating system and basic software development technology into it and let the guide take root.

Incorporate the latest industry trends, technology evolution and migration points into it to make the guide iterate quickly

Include a complete range of tools such as development environment, suites, interfaces, etc., to make the guide easier to use.

In addition to the developer's guide, Tongxin Software will make every effort to build a hierarchical developer support system, launch a developer support program, promote the integration of industry, university and research, train 1 million basic software and IT industry talents for the whole society in the next five years, and provide continuous impetus for technological innovation.

5 million adaptation, 400% growth ecological strategy dare to evolve

Liu Wenhuan points out that ecology is the broadest "moat" of the operating system, and creating the broadest "moat" is much better and better than the lead of a single technology.

So far, the number of software and hardware ecological adaptation of Tongxin UOS has exceeded 5 million, the number of native applications has increased by 300%, the global members of the Concentric Ecological Alliance have exceeded 1200, and more than 620000 people have been trained. Behind a series of figures is the true portrayal of Tongxin software from the technology chain to the industry chain.

Uni-Credit Software and more than 10000 partners around the world have gone from unilateral product adaptation and compatibility to two-way technological co-creation and ecological sharing, deeply ploughing the "best experimental field" and building an "ecological multiplier":


Now it has covered 90% of the mainstream open source models and AI framework, jointly developed AI PC products with Intel, and released AI joint solutions with iFLYTEK, 360 and Baidu.

The UAPP program--

UOS active Security Program (UAPP) has more than 130 partners, 2.5 million shared virus samples and 3600 cumulative vulnerability fixes, and is committed to creating the world's top and China's largest basic software network security platform.

The UHQL program--

The UOS hardware compatibility authentication system (UHQL) is a full-process standard authentication system based on the compatibility and adaptation of hardware such as UOS desktop / server board cards, machine platforms, peripherals and so on. The certification rate of domestic GPU is more than 80%, which is the first in the industry to achieve the certification of domestic pure self-developed WiFi 6 chips.

CPU machine--

Uni-letter software has established joint ecological laboratories with mainstream chip manufacturers such as Longxin, Feiteng, Haiguang, Mega Core, Shenwei and Intel, and reached in-depth cooperation with Kunpeng Computing, supporting 100 + models of main models of key machine manufacturers, achieving 100% compatibility adaptation and mutual certification of all machine models, fully in line with the standard of volume production.

Peripherals tackle key problems--

The peripheral joint research platform is built by the automatic operation and management solution created by Uni-Credit UOS combined with profound adaptation experience, and has reached comprehensive cooperation with 19 peripheral manufacturers and certification bodies to set up a 1000 square meter external verification and testing physical environment, which can accommodate thousands of external devices.

Standing at the historical high point of 5 million adaptation number and facing the future that ecological construction is about to enter the "no man's land", Liu Wenhuan officially announced at the meeting that the ecological strategy of 2024 Tongxin UOS has evolved into one main line, three orientations, and seven major projects.

Pay close attention to "one main line":

Develop the ecology of high-quality Chinese operating systems with more than 10 million suitable scale

Highlight the "three orientations":

Guided by standard construction

Developer ecology-oriented

Take comprehensive AI as the orientation

Focus on the "seven major projects":

CPU Joint Laboratory

UAPP Security Plan

UHQL hardware Program

Peripheral ecology and standards

Linglong ecological plan

Developers support the network

UOS AI Lighthouse Project

Chinese operating system is not inherently powerful, but dares to evolve. Looking to the future, Uni-Credit Software will continue to actively cooperate with ecological partners around the world to promote the large-scale landing of operating system + artificial intelligence and accelerate the global development of AI.

"We continue to evolve to give the world a better choice," said Liu Wenhuan. "to embrace the Chinese operating system is to embrace the future of China's IT industry!"

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