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2023 dragon lizard operating system conference practical information inventory, ZTE has done these things

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Shulou( Report--

On December 18, under the guidance of the Open Atomic Open Source Foundation, sponsored by the Dragon lizard Community, and co-sponsored by 24 governing units, including Aliyun, ZTE, Chao Information, Arm, and Intel, the 2023 Dragon lizard operating system Conference with the theme of "Cloud and Intelligence Fusion to build the Future" was successfully concluded in Beijing. A large number of leaders, academicians, experts and senior executives appeared on the scene with more than 300 enterprises and more than 1,000 developers to discuss how to work together to create the golden era of China's operating system under the wave of cloud-intelligence integration.

ZTE's new fulcrum operating system, as an important member of the dragon lizard community, was also invited to attend the conference, and opened a sub-forum and a special area for display.

Point one: the wonderful sharing of the main forum celebrities (ZTE new fulcrum new vice chairman unit)

In his speech, the responsible comrade of the Information Development Bureau of the Central Internet Information Office congratulated the dragon lizard on its achievements and hoped that the dragon lizard community would continue to give full play to the characteristics of open source gathering wisdom, gathering strengths, and gathering the strength of upstream and downstream ecological partners. and chip enterprises, machine enterprises, top applications to form a joint force of development, jointly cultivate and strengthen the domestic operating system ecology.

At the meeting, Chen Zuoning, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Liu Jianwei, Dean, Professor, and Senior Advisor of Dragon lizard Community of Beihang Network Security College, Liu Peng, Vice Chairman of China Open Source Software Promotion Alliance and Special Advisor of Dragon lizard Community, and Jiang Jiangwei, Vice President of Alibaba Group and General Manager of Aliyun Infrastructure Division, had a round-table discussion on "Dragon lizard community's thinking on enhancing the influence of China's open source software and international contribution rate". Dragon lizard will cloud era, big data era, intelligent era of some technologies, vertically into the basic operating system, can support the upper system, more significant than the original CentOS and other general operating systems.

ZTE Corporation | with its outstanding contribution to the open source ecological construction of the community, ZTE has officially become the "vice chairman unit" of the dragon lizard community.

ZTE Corporation | New fulcrum won the "Best Partnership Award for Dragon and lizard Community in 2023"

Xu Lifeng, the chief technical worker of ZTE system, was awarded the 2023 Dragon lizard Community Outstanding contribution Award.

Hu Jie, director of open source of ZTE Technology Planning Department, and Mo Qingliang, director of research and development of new fulcrum operating system, were all awarded the "2023 Dragon lizard Community individual Outstanding contribution Award".

Point 2: sharing technical practical information in sub-forums (ZTE Corporation | ZTE New fulcrum Sub-Forum)

At the sub-forum of ZTE Corporation | ZTE New fulcrum, industry technical leaders, industry partners and developers gathered to show you the latest operating system full scene support technology and the cooperation achievements of the dragon lizard community. and share the industry's first security component based on quantum technology and landing practices and technical solutions for dragon lizard derivative products.

Cui Liming, deputy general manager of ZTE's new fulcrum, said in his speech: the importance of the operating system as an infrastructure that connects users to the digital world is self-evident. Under the background of the rapid development of the business scenario and hardware technology represented by Ai, the operating system technology is facing new topics and challenges. In the intelligent computing scenario, how can the operating system optimize the AI stack technology from hardware to framework to model? All of these require us to act together in the whole industry, constantly explore the technological development and innovation of the full scene operating system, trigger new thinking, give birth to more ideas and solutions, and contribute to the development of the whole industry.

Mo Qingliang, R & D director of the new fulcrum operating system, published the theme of "exploring and sharing the solution of operating system fragmentation in the whole scene": the new operating system scenario application will show the trend of computing power enhancement, Linux acceleration, cross-architecture, cross-platform, intelligent AI, and so on, which will lead to more fragmentation problems of the operating system. Then, we share how the new fulcrum operating system creates a product with the innovative concept of 3000N, so as to achieve the full core support of a set of OS architecture, develop ecological interoperability and sharing at one time, so as to solve the problem of operating system fragmentation in a more complete scenario.

Then there are the following practical information to share:

Xu Xinbai, Director of ZTE Network Security Product Line, "key Technologies of Quantum Security Service Middleware"

Xu Feng, Chief engineer of ZTE Terminal Software, "ZTE distributed Service Architecture"

Xiong Yingfei, Associate Professor of Peking University, "Program defect repair: history and Prospect"

Cao Chen, Technical Director of ZTE LitePaaS, "ZTE side Cloud scene LitePaaS Technology"

Wang Yunzhi "ArmInfraMomentumoverview", Senior Manager of Arm Business Development and Operation Committee of Longliao Community.

Point 3: developer live show technology (the new fulcrum OS area shows to attract people to experience)

The display in the special area of ZTE's new fulcrum operating system attracted many people to experience it, and some developers even tapped the code on ZTE's new fulcrum system and showed off the technology on the spot. After the experience, they expressed their appreciation for the fluency, stability and ease of use of ZTE's new fulcrum operating system.

The new fulcrum operating system is a domestic operating system developed by ZTE Corporation in 2004. with the characteristics of innovative three modes, lightweight, better fluency, and comprehensive free desktop mode, the new fulcrum operating system has been installed and used by a large number of users and has been well received by users. ZTE's new fulcrum operating system has been successfully applied for many years in important fields such as high-speed railway Fuxing, three major operators, power grid, government affairs, finance, education and so on. It is understood that a total of more than 100000 domestic smart cars are driving on the road with ZTE's new fulcrum operating system, and there are already more than 300000 users in government offices. ZTE's new fulcrum operating system has shipped more than 10000 in the power grid in the past year, ranking first in the new market of domestic operating systems in the power grid.

Operating system, as one of the most core basic software, is an important development field of scientific and technological self-reliance. The root of the prosperity of operating system industry lies in the extensive convergence of chips, whole machines, operating systems, industry applications and service providers. The holding of the operating system conference also confirms that ZTE's new fulcrum operating system has carried out deep and close cooperation with Ali's dragon lizard community. This will have a positive impact on the innovation of China's operating system technology and the prosperity and development of the industry.

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