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Millet & # 215; Disney Strawberry Bear more joint products announced: portable battery, keyboard and mouse set, etc.

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Shulou( Report--, December 21 (Xinhua)-- Xiaomi Civi 3 Disney Strawberry Bear Limited Edition will be released at 19:00 tomorrow (December 22). More joint new products will be announced now.

According to the official poster, Xiaomi × Disney Strawberry Bear joint products include Xiaomi own line portable battery 10000mAh, Xiaomi zoom bracket selfie stick, Mi family backpack 10L, Mi family suitcase 20 inches, Xiaomi dual mode key mouse set, each product uses the classic strawberry bear pink color.

In the previous warm-up, the appearance of Xiaomi Civi 3 Disney Strawberry Bear Limited Edition has been announced, the machine uses the classic strawberry bear pink design, the camera module frame and body frame are gold, the back of the body is printed with strawberry bear image, and the large memory version of 12GB+512GB is available. In addition, the gift box will also provide customized mobile phone protection case, magnetic bracket ( note: with strawberry aroma), mobile phone hanging chain, transparent mobile phone protection case, souvenir card, pin, sticker and other peripheral products.

The price information of Xiaomi × Disney Strawberry Bear joint product will be announced tomorrow, interested friends can follow.

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