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Three colors of Glory tablet 9 appear: Mu Guang white + azure + starry gray, the fuselage weighs 555g / thick 6.96mm

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Shulou( Report--, December 21 (Xinhua)-- Glory tablet 9 will be released with the Glory 90 GT phone at 19:00 tonight, and officials are still warming up the new product, this time revealing some information about its appearance.

The tablet will offer three colors: bathing white, azure and starry gray, which officials say combines symmetrical and minimalist aesthetic design. At the same time, the shape parameters of the flat panel are also disclosed: integrated all-metal fuselage, weight 555g, thickness 6.96mm.

Combined with the previous preheating, the product will be Glory's first soft-light screen tablet, which claims to be able to "restore the texture of paper writing", and eye protection will be one of the main selling points of Glory tablet 9.

Officials have made a detailed introduction to the screen and eye protection functions of this tablet, which is equipped with "flagship" eye protection technology, supports natural light eye protection and self-developed sleep aid display, and claims to increase melatonin secretion by 20%. At the same time, the tablet supports hardware-level low blue light and can filter 36% harmful blue light.

In addition, the product screen also uses paper scrub design, handwriting damping increased by 38%, tactile smoothness increased by 16%. with Glory tablet 9 screen parameter information: 12.1 inch soft light screen, resolution 2560x1600 PPI is 249, screen share is 88%, using 6.9mm narrow frame design, brightness is 500nits.

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