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Asus Lingyao 14 AI ultra-thin book opens a new generation of AI PC

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At present, AI has become the key to lead the positive development of the technology industry, from algorithms to large models, and then to the landing of local applications, the prototype of AI PC has been initially built. On December 15, Intel officially launched the Core Ultra series of processors, marking the official arrival of the AI notebook era. As a leader in the PC industry, Asustek also launched the Lingyao 14 2024 AI ultra-thin book at the first time. While maintaining the ultra-thin body and exquisite design, the first batch of core Ultra processors, from the hardware side to the application side, took the lead in sounding the AI PC advanced horn.

Pursuing and embracing AI: Asustek's "Road of pursuit"

Innovation and subversion are by no means new to Asustek notebooks. In recent years, we have not only witnessed the courage and courage of Asustek's light version of "All in OLED", but also seen its continuous development in the productive forces. As early as 2022, it has become one of the first brands with NVIDIA Studio creator PC in the world. With the launch of Lingyao 14 2024, Asustek officially entered the AI PC field. Core Ultra's excellent AI computing power and its slim and smart body complement each other to create a unique new experience of AI ultra-thin books.

Core Ultra adds core driving force to AI

The advent of Intel Core Ultra processor gives people a preliminary understanding of AI computing, while the arrival of Asustek Lingyao 14 2024 marks the official arrival of AI PC. Its debut equipped with Core Ultra 7 155H is built by Intel 4 technology, using advanced Foveros 3D packaging technology, specifications up to 16 cores and 22 threads, built-in 8 × Xe high-performance sharp core display, and has its own neural network computing unit (NPU). AI performance is far better than before. At present, there are more than 100 software vendors and 300 + AI acceleration features to support Core Ultra series processors. For Lingyao 14 2024, AI production has been officially launched.

Multidimensional AI applications support productivity with half the effort and twice the result

Whether the theoretical AI performance is balanced with the actual output efficiency is the primary concern of consumers when they start AI PC. Lingyao 14 2024 has achieved twice the result with half the effort in practical application.

Taking the AI drawing model Stable Diffusion as an example, with the Intel Core Ultra 7 155H carried by Lingyao 14 2024, with the cooperation of CPU, GPU and NPU, users can quickly generate the pictures they need according to a paragraph of text in 1-2 seconds. Efficiency gains are visible to the naked eye compared to traditional laptops that often take hundreds of seconds (only CPU computing). Not only that, based on the mainstream AI language model, Lingyao 14 2024 can also quickly generate relatively accurate text, code and fields through brief text, with the help of local computing power, so that users can be "brilliant" in any scene.


For the software with embedded AI module, Lingyao 14 2024 is also handy. In the editing creation software, using the local AI computing power, you can quickly calculate and identify the key elements in the picture through NPU, thus picking out the required material in a short time. Different from the traditional matting function, the AI-blessed Lingyao 14 2024 can show the advantages of faster drawing, higher precision and more details. Lingyao 14 2024, which obtains the core blessing of AI, also has more advantages in aspects such as large text model generation and local optimization training.

In the era of AIPC, local computing power is a key part of the production experience. It can be seen that Lingyao 14 2024 is the leader of light and thin AI PC on the hardware side, and the creator is also concerned about the landing application experience. Internal and external training has never been a slogan for Asustek, while Lingyao 14 2024 may only be the beginning of the Asustek AI notebook in 2024.

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