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Guangzhou released "100 personal Industrial Intelligence Application cases", Black Tortoise Yun Wisdom 100solution was selected.

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Shulou( Report--

On December 18, at the main forum of 2023 Guangzhou International Innovation Festival jointly sponsored by the people's Government of Guangzhou Tianhe District, the Office of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, the Guangzhou Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, 2023 excellent cases of personal industrial intelligence application scenarios and 10 Guangzhou artificial intelligence characteristic industrial parks were officially released.

Among them, Black Tortoise Yun's leading product "Wisdom 100" has been successfully selected into the "Guangzhou 100 personal Industrial Intelligence Application case" with the hard core strength of AI + big consumption.

2023 the case of Guangzhou artificial intelligence application scenario and the selection of artificial intelligence characteristic industrial parks were jointly organized and carried out by Guangzhou Industrial Development Research Institute, Guangzhou Science and Technology Finance Group and PricewaterhouseCoopers China on August 2 under the guidance of Guangzhou Science and Technology Bureau. Through the combination of "open solicitation + data mining", from more than 300 cases and 30 parks Finally, 100 representative cases of personal industrial intelligence application scenarios and 10 personal industrial parks with characteristics of industrial intelligence were selected.

As a leading intelligent CRM service provider in China, Xuanwuyun has industry leading advantages in technological innovation, product research and development, patent accumulation and other sectors in the fields of AI / AIGC, DI, AIoT, PaaS, big model, etc., and currently has 329 invention patents and software copyrights.

In addition, Xuanwuyun has 15 years of experience in the fast consumer industry, including Smart SFA (sales capacity digital intelligence), TPM (marketing expense management digital intelligence), DMS (channel management digital intelligence), RMS (terminal direct control digital intelligence), EPM (shopping guide system digital intelligence) and other product modules. Products deeply integrate innovative technologies such as AI, BI and DI to help consumer enterprises use a new generation of digital tools to build a new digital marketing ecology and achieve high-quality growth.

Up to now, Wisdom 100 has been applied to the marketing digital process of hundreds of industry-leading consumer enterprises, such as Wang Laoji, Zhujiang Beer, Huabin Fast Consumer goods Group, White Elephant Food, Guotai and so on. to help it more efficiently solve various problems in the process of business development, such as salesman work efficiency, cost implementation efficiency, terminal development, asset utilization, etc., to create a fast consumer enterprise marketing growth engine. Help enterprises to use a new generation of digital tools to build a new digital marketing ecology, promote high-quality growth of enterprises, and achieve comprehensive transformation and upgrading of digital intelligence.

In the future, Xuanwuyun will steadily enhance its product power driven by technological innovation, work with excellent ecological partners such as Huawei Cloud and China Mobile International Middle East, and combine intelligent CRM with cutting-edge technologies such as AI / AIGC, DI, big model, etc., to provide high-value and high-quality intelligent CRM products and services to customers in the fast consumer, finance, government and enterprise, TMT and other industry customers, and jointly promote the development and prosperity of the digital economy.

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