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Intelligent voice real-time warning battery thermal runaway pole 01 to put an end to spontaneous combustion is so strong

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If you are used to watching the thermal runaway test of a single cell, you will find the scene small and boring. Today, let's watch a more exciting and more spectacular thermal runaway test of a whole-car-grade battery. The so-called whole-vehicle thermal out-of-control refers to the thermal diffusion test of pure electric vehicles, and it is said that it is the fire test of electric vehicles.

Recently, Ji Yue 01 successfully completed the vehicle thermal diffusion test in the China Merchants Inspection vehicle Technology Research Institute. During the test, the battery was continuously heated to 700 ℃ from the outside, considering that the temperature of the jet plume was only 600 degrees Celsius. Compared horizontally, the maximum thermal runaway temperature of the single cell of the blade battery is 500℃. The Ji Yue 01 is 700℃, and it is the whole vehicle class! The specification is not high.

What's the use of such a sick test?

From the point of view of using the car, it is for safer. The battery pack consists of hundreds of fast cells. For example, the battery pack of Tesla Model S consists of 7104 small cells. The fact that a single cell does not catch fire only reduces the thermal runaway of the whole car by 1/1000.

Compared with the single core thermal out-of-control test, the vehicle-level thermal diffusion test can evaluate the scene of spontaneous combustion caused by multi-cell simultaneous thermal runaway caused by bottom scraping and collision, and verify that vehicle thermal safety protection is really safe from the vehicle level.

Second, the whole-vehicle thermal diffusion test is a necessary test item in the European Union, and it is also a safety verification project that is being strengthened and popularized in China, which is the only way for Chinese cars to go to the world.

The melting point of lithium is only 180 ℃. How to make the battery pack survive 700 ℃?

So how can the whole battery smoke but not catch fire at an ultra-high temperature of 700℃? After all, the melting point of lithium in a lithium battery is only 180 ℃, making it even harder to keep an object that has long been heated from getting out of control.

Ji Yue 01 has given the four major means of diagnosis and treatment: "isolation, cold, discharge, and disconnection".

When the core temperature rises to 700℃, the aerogel and basalt insulation materials between the cells will form a thermal barrier between the cells, blocking the diffusion of heat conduction between the cells. In particular, basalt, a material from volcanic rock, can be used not only to make fire suits, but also to make thermal insulation materials for airplanes and aircraft in outer space. According to the video records of this test, even if a single cell of the Ji Yue 01 power battery is out of control by heat, it will not spread heat to the adjacent cell.

Continue to heat the battery, further increase the difficulty of the test, until a number of cells are out of control, Ji Yue 01 timely open the explosion-proof valve to vent, release heat and open the water cycle to cool the battery.

In the thermal runaway of the battery, what is really scary is the phenomenon of high-voltage arc drawing. Do you still remember the high voltage arc on the bus running all over the city with power lines? If you have no feelings for this, please refer to the lightning on a rainy day. Arc drawing is a kind of gas discharge phenomenon, which is the spark produced at the moment when the current breaks down the insulating medium. A bolt of lightning easily chopped down a towering tree and lit a whole forest.

The phenomenon of arc drawing also occurs on the power battery. If the discharge of this gas can not be cut off and stopped in time, the fire will only happen overnight. The Ji Yue 01 battery pack adopts a patented design of thermoelectric separation, which allows conductive material to be quickly discharged from the battery pack and is equipped with mica paper thermal insulation material to enhance insulation and thermal insulation.

Moreover, once the abnormal temperature of the cell is detected and a high temperature fault occurs, the vehicle controller VCU of Ji Yue 01 will cut off the high voltage circuit in milliseconds, put an end to the risks of fire and electric shock, ensure that the battery pack does not burn and explode, minimize the harm of the accident, and provide enough time for users to escape. This is probably the best appearance of the battery, the battery management system is responsible for flame retardant, and the user is responsible for "running away".

From smoking to intense burning in less than 1 minute, can you take the initiative to report to the police in advance?

Others say, I know what you said, these are all "passive safety" and are protective measures that take place only after the battery catches fire. Like active safety, can you predict in advance before the battery catches fire? After all, every second in a fire is a race for death.

Of course there is. The "Safety requirements for Power Storage Battery for Electric vehicles" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology clearly stipulates that after the single battery is out of control, the battery system should provide an alarm signal 5 minutes before the danger occurs to reserve a safe escape time for the occupants. Ji Yue 01 lengthens the golden "5 minutes" to 1 hour, leaving enough reaction time for users, and the hero behind the scenes is smart AI partner SIMO.

On weekdays, SIMO can talk and chat, respond to eight commands in one breath, and complete offline voice conversations. In an emergency, SIMO can also be a "safety doctor" for real-time warning of battery risks.

SIMO can connect with the BMS battery intelligent management system to turn on the alarm as soon as the battery thermal out of control occurs. In this test, SIMO notifies users of any abnormality in a single cell, which is obviously better than the national standard of "alarm 5 minutes before fire".

If the electric core of the vehicle is out of control, SIMO will also send out a red sound and light alarm through the integrated large screen and voice inside the car, and start the emergency flasher outside the car to remind users and nearby people to stay away from the vehicle. By the way, the alarm information will also be sent synchronously to the cloud big data platform, and the Jiyue emergency security team and after-sales personnel will go to the accident scene to participate in the rescue as soon as they receive the prompt.

If you can't open the door, even the best battery protection is useless!

It is not enough to do this well. If the electric car spontaneous combustion, the door can not open, it is also a disaster.

On September 5, 2022, a brand electric car caught fire after crashing into the guardrail. Passers-by tried to rescue the car but could not open the door. People inside the car were unable to get out of difficulties and died.

In order to eliminate the situation that the vehicle can not open the door during the fire, Ji Yue 01 adopts the innovative electric induction door design without handle, which can control the door switch by means of automatic induction and voice interaction, which improves the intelligent experience and the beauty of styling design. without the slightest compromise on safety.

At the same time, Ji Yue 01 is also equipped with four millimeter wave radars for the car door. Compared with ultrasonic radar, the detection is more accurate, more sensitive, not afraid of bumping and "opening the door to kill". It is worth mentioning that Ji Yue 01 also created an independent redundant power supply system on the door, which can still power the door even in the extremely rare case of power outage, and the window automatically drops 15 seconds after the collision to facilitate rescue. The four inner door panels of the car also retain four mechanical handles, which can be unlocked as an emergency measure.

In the fire test of the industry's first intelligent vehicle without doorknobs, the emergency function of the electric door of Ji Yue 01 is still very stable. After the power outage of the whole vehicle, the dormant spare battery of Ji Yue 01 can be quickly involved in the work, providing continuous power to the non-handle induction electric door, unlocking the door and opening the escape channel at the first time to fully ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. At the same time, rescuers outside the car can also open the door through the buttons on the B-pillar and C-pillar.

Under the security protection of the top box, the price of Ji Yue 01 is very close to the people. The starting price of the Ji Yue 01 Max version is only 219900. Replacement users can also enjoy a cash subsidy of 5000 yuan. The long-lasting version of 720Km costs only 254900 yuan. If you order now, you can still enjoy a free high-end smart car for a year, a 15000 yuan interior comfort package costs 1000 yuan, and a 21-inch hub upgrade package costs 2000 yuan. Such crazy car purchase rights and interests make competitors want to say that you want to be a roll king, but don't pull me to compete!

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