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The astronauts of Shenzhou 17 successfully completed their first extravehicular mission.

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Thank you netizens "see" one, Mr. Aviation's clue delivery!, December 21, according to CCTV news, according to news from the China manned Space Engineering Office, Beijing time, 21:35 on December 21, 2023, after about 7.5 hours of extravehicular activity, Shenzhou 17 astronauts Tang Hongbo, Tang Shengjie, Jiang Xinlin closely coordinated with the support of the space station robotic arm and ground researchers, completed the space and core module solar wing repair test and other established tasks Astronauts Tang Hongbo and Tang Shengjie have safely returned to the experimental module, and the extravehicular activities have been a complete success. Tang Hongbo, China's first astronaut to return to the space station, walked in space again after two years, and astronaut Tang Shengjie became the youngest astronaut to carry out an extravehicular mission so far.

According to the plan, during the Shenzhou 17 manned mission, a large number of scientific and technical experiments will be carried out, as well as a number of astronaut crew activities and payload missions. noted that since successfully entering the space station assembly on October 26, the Shenzhou 17 astronaut crew has worked and lived in orbit for 54 days, and nearly 1/3 of its six-month flight trip has been completed. It has successively completed group rotation with Shenzhou 16, maintenance and care of the space station platform, life and health security, extravehicular spacesuit inspection and testing, Tianzhou 6 equipment patrol inspection, preparation for extravehicular activities, and so on. On-orbit training projects such as robotic arm operation training, emergency life-saving drills, medical rescue drills, system-wide pressure emergency drills, and other on-orbit training projects have been carried out, and various space science testing tasks have been carried out steadily and steadily.

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