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Telepathic communication, signal worry-free: Huawei Mate X5 makes you "online all the time"

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Communication is the bottom experience of smartphones, but it is also the place that consumers are most likely to ignore. In many cases, consumers pay too much attention to parameters while ignoring the key factor of signal quality when they choose to buy a smartphone. For example, a certain mobile phone that consumers spend a lot of money on, in high-speed trains, subway stations, and even elevators and bathroom compartments, is frequently lost and unable to communicate on the Internet, which brings a lot of inconvenience to life.

One of the important reasons why Huawei mobile phones are so popular in the market is the excellent communication experience for a long time. Huawei has never ignored these basic "bottom" experiences, such as signals, in smartphone innovation. Instead, Huawei has been committed to constantly improving and upgrading these basic experiences.

For example, the new folding screen flagship Huawei Mate X5 brings "telepathic communication" technology that allows you to really enjoy being "online all the time". And this is what the flagship king of a folding screen should look like. At the same time, Huawei Mate60 series also supports telepathy communication technology, which brings signal guarantee to users.

The so-called "telepathic communication" is actually a general term for Huawei's technology, including the telepathic network, the telepathic AI algorithm, and the telepathic antenna. Each of these parts contains many subtle and core communication technology blessings. It can be said that Huawei's "telepathic communication" is more like a cool techs collection, and it is Huawei Mate X5 that carries these cool techs. Finally, it brings the "telepathic communication, signal worry-free" experience for consumers.

The first is telepathic antenna technology.

This technology mainly includes encircling antenna layout design, intelligent dual-mode tuning technology and duplex signal enhancement, which ultimately greatly improves the signal strength of Huawei Mate X5 folding screen phones in different use patterns and high and low frequency bands. Whether users are playing games, watching videos, surfing online classes on their mobile phones, or making phone calls and sending text messages after folding, the "telepathy antenna" can effectively avoid the impact of holding the phone on signal reception, so that users do not have to worry about signal problems. enjoy a stable communication experience anytime, anywhere.

The second is the telepathic AI algorithm.

With this technology, Huawei Mate X5 will be able to "predict" the network signal in advance, just like the athletes who are ready to sprint in the 100-meter field.

You must have encountered such a situation: when watching a live broadcast on a speeding high-speed train, the network signal is intermittent, resulting in a stutter in the video playback; on the subway station, Wechat messages cannot be sent out; phone calls are often stuttered and dropped in the elevator; when scanning the code to pay the fee in the underground parking garage, the mobile phone always "turns in circles" and cannot be paid normally.

In the above scenarios, the telepathic AI algorithm can intelligently select cellular networks according to different scenarios, and select high-quality networks more intelligently in weak signal and congested areas, so as to ensure a smooth network experience. For example, when a user enters a "signal dead corner" such as an elevator or an underground garage, the telepathic AI algorithm will identify the weak signal area in advance and start the search mode.

Even in an unsignaled elevator, the Huawei Mate X5 network can be connected immediately when the door opens, ensuring that users can quickly reconnect the signal and enjoy a high-quality signaling experience anytime, anywhere, in scenarios that require a stable network connection, such as Wechat calls and online meetings.

On the commuter subway line, the telepathic AI algorithm carried by Huawei Mate X5 can be connected to a strong signal network through independent learning to ensure a smooth Internet experience. Moreover, the more times the commuter route is taken, the learning ability of the telepathic AI algorithm will remember this communication path, making the network connection better and faster.

For example, on the speeding high-speed railway, when users watch Douyin videos, the telepathic AI algorithm can predict the scene and intelligently preload the content in advance, bringing a smoother and uninterrupted viewing experience.

In short, the blessing of the telepathic AI algorithm enables Huawei Mate X5 to intelligently select high-quality network, quickly connect signals, preload content in advance and other functions in different scenarios, no matter where the signal is dense in subway stations, underground parking lots with weak signals, and speeding high-speed trains, where these phones are most likely to lose signals, Huawei Mate X5 can achieve a strong and smooth communication experience all the way.

Not only that, thanks to the folding screen advantage of Huawei Mate X5 itself, as well as the signal halo of telepathic communication, Huawei Mate X5 has also become an "artifact" in high-speed rail viewing, work meetings, concert tickets and other scenes.

For example, on high-speed trains, people like to watch videos to pass the time. Huawei Mate X5's hover is very stable on the desktop, without the need for mobile phone brackets, allowing users to completely liberate their hands and watch live streaming, video, etc.; for ad hoc meetings that often need to be held at work, Huawei Mate X5 can be easily folded and stand on the desk for online video conferences. The blessing of telepathic communication technology ensures the stability of the network and non-jamming signals, making communication smoother; even snapping up concert tickets, Huawei Mate X5 can open two or three platforms to snap up at the same time. With the blessing of telepathic communication technology, Huawei Mate X5's network connection is stable, allowing users to grab the tickets they want; commuting on the subway will inevitably encounter customer needs to deal with, at this time Huawei Mate X5 will come in handy, with a 7.85-inch screen, which is a small computer that can meet the needs of light office work.

In addition, with the blessing of two-way Beidou satellite messages, Huawei Mate X5 can still send and receive Beidou satellite messages when there is no ground network signal, and any brand of mobile phone can receive and reply through the ground network. With Huawei Mate X5, there is one more security guarantee and will never be lost.


What should a top flagship plane look like? Is it an exaggerated parameter "bombing", or a stack of ferocious configurations? All these are important, but they are not the only ones. The most critical and fundamental thing to measure a flagship machine is experience.

The mobile phone signal is often the most basic part of the experience, but, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, mobile phone manufacturers often forget the key factor of "signal". But as consumers, you and I, mobile phone signal has always been the most basic needs, any function on the mobile phone, any good experience, can not be separated from the signal, that is, the communication experience.

Communication is a very huge project. Huawei mobile phone has decades of technology accumulation and deep cultivation in the communication field. Huawei mobile phone signal is also the consensus of consumers. The telepathic communication technology carried by Huawei Mate X5 is actually based on consumer demand and the understanding of the nature of the flagship machine, which brings about signal solutions through hardware and software innovation, and further opens the signal advantage over competitors' products.

As a top flagship phone and a folding king product, Huawei Mate X5 provides sufficient "humanistic care" in these most detailed and even inconspicuous places, which is what flagship phones should look like, and this is one of the reasons why Huawei mobile phones can become the first choice for consumers and the leader in the industry.

Huawei Mate X5 continues to sell well, and there is a collection version as the first choice for gift giving! Please go to the nearby store or e-commerce platform to choose the favorite Huawei folding screen mobile phone.

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