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Shunwang Science and Technology: smart Computing to create a New Future of e-sports

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Shulou( Report--

At the 2023 China e-sports Industry Annual meeting held in Shenzhen on December 20, Dr. Fan Xing, CEO of Shunwang Technology, delivered a speech with the theme of "Science and Technology enabling Electronic Competition Intelligence as one New Future". Dr. Fan Xing discussed in depth the future development trend of e-sports industry and shared the strategic planning and business practice of 300113.SZ in this field.

In his speech, Dr. Fan Xing reviewed the development of e-sports industry in detail and predicted the new stage of innovation and development that the industry will usher in. He stressed that artificial intelligence (AI) and efficient computing power will be the core technologies to promote e-sports industry into a new era of cloud native, AI native, inclusive, and globalization.

Dr. Fan Xing first reviewed the three stages of the development of e-sports 's industry:

E-sports industry origin stage (1998-2013). During this period, e-sports was mainly regarded as a subculture and a new form of entertainment for young people, but its cultural and commercial value has not been fully explored. During this period, the high-performance host is an important digital hardware for e-sports players to participate in the competition.

E-sports industry rapid development stage (2014-2022). At this stage, e-sports gradually changed from a subculture to a part of the mainstream culture, indicating that e-sports has gradually become an independent and diversified industry, and its influence and economic value continue to grow. Over the past decade, the mobile Internet has brought richer elements to e-sports; the content of domestic e-sports has gradually emerged, and the official announcement of e-sports at the Hangzhou Asian Games has also pushed these events to new heights. Behind this, it is inseparable from the regulatory agencies to issue important policies for the healthy development of the industry.

The stage of technology-driven industrial innovation (from 2023). At this stage, e-sports is deeply integrated with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, computing and cloud computing, and big data. This integration not only enriches the content and form of e-sports, but also provides a new driving force and direction for the long-term development of e-sports 's industry.

E-sports at this stage is not only a way of entertainment, but also the intersection of cultural innovation and scientific and technological innovation, with important social value and mission. As a disseminator of social culture, e-sports is not only a way of entertainment, but also a platform for cultural innovation and dissemination; as a driving force of scientific and technological innovation, the combination of e-sports and cutting-edge science and technology brings new development opportunities for the industry. This kind of value will also gradually infiltrate into thousands of industries, helping various industries to upgrade their mathematical intelligence.

Dr. Fan Xing believes that in today's scientific and technological change, the integration of artificial intelligence and computing power, that is, "intelligent integration", will bring a qualitative leap for e-sports 's industry.

For example, more professional, systematic and scientific team training can improve the competition level of e-sports members; direct broadcasting organizations with the help of advanced means, combined with AI analysis data, will bring a more technological and immersive game-watching experience; and the e-sports experience of users will also be further enhanced.

In addition to the traditional cognitive NPC AI and BOT AI, companion AI will also greatly enhance the user experience, not only to provide help in the game, but also to accompany players outside the game, forming a new interactive community and communication paradigm.

Through these deep-seated changes, the integration of intelligence and calculation will not only enhance the inherent value and extension influence of e-sports industry, but also bring unprecedented experience to the global player community and open up a new growth path for all participants in the industry.

Dr. Fan Xing introduced the scientific and technological layout of Shun net Technology in e-sports 's whole industry chain. Shun net Technology end-to-end covers the whole industry chain of e-sports. In the past 18 years, Shun net Technology has been one of the most important providers of digital intelligence services in the field of e-sports service venues. In the new era of smart computing, Shunwang Technology has also further explored new services in AI and computing power.

On the AI side, Shunwang Technology provides intelligent companion applications-Shunwang Lingji to consumers, provides customized AI companion roles for events and events, and co-creates AI game assistants with upstream manufacturers.

On the computing side, Shunwang Technology promotes the cloud development of e-sports service sites, leads the industry from storage to computing, and further manages and dispatches cloud infrastructure and resources. At the same time, Shunwang Technology also provides users with personal e-sports cloud products, so that ordinary PC in the hands of users can also participate in e-sports activities.

Through years of practice, Shunwang Technology has found that the new generation of technology level can really promote the development of the industry, abundant computing power, high-quality data and scene-based AI are indispensable. Shunwang Science and Technology will adhere to the corporate mission of "Happy connection of Science and Technology", work with partners to promote the healthy development of e-sports industry, jointly welcome the new era of e-sports, which is native to cloud and AI, and jointly create a new future of e-sports, which is inclusive and globalized.

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