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Haohe HiPhi Z opens 3.4.0Universe 3.4.1Z a new round of automobile OTA: new cryogenic battery preheating, etc.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens Daniel Wu in South China, highly satisfied with the delivery of clues! December 22 news, Gaohe announced on the 21st that it will bring a new round of OTA upgrades to HiPhi Z models, including HiPhi OS 3.4.0Z and 3.4.1Z upgrade packs, with an estimated download time of 121minutes and installation time of 133minutes. summarizes the upgrade as follows:

New upgrade package cloud retrieval capability: without the need for the whole vehicle to power off and sleep, you can continue to download the upgrade package when the car is locked, shortening the waiting time. At the same time, add real-time download progress display (including upgrade package size, network speed and remaining time, etc.), upgrade history, etc., and support automatic upgrade at night.

New low temperature charging preheating function: support battery charging automatic preheating / manual heating, when arriving at the charging station, the vehicle battery can reach the optimal charging power temperature.

HiPhiGo intelligent assistant upgrade: add map, rearview mirror, steering wheel and other multi-module voice instructions and 100 intelligent responses to high-frequency questions and operation instructions. At the same time, a total of 9 voice query skills have been added, including exchange rate / oil price / perpetual calendar / holiday arrangement / poetry / constellation / garbage classification / time date / translation.

QQ Music added "Galaxy sound" and the system built-in equalizer added "Ning Night" sound.

The 360 panoramic image adds a "rearview mirror folding" button to facilitate passage through narrow roads.

The desktop door shortcut card adds a "rear door control" function.

Support to automatically reduce the media volume after opening the door and reduce the interference to the outside world.

Added HiPhi Show reservation playback function, which can set timing playback within 2-10 minutes.

Added HiPhi Bot empty gesture, which can be used to adjust the viewing angle on the screen.

Other additions are as follows:

Feature optimization:

Feature fixes:

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