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The rookie signed a contract with Guizhou Liquor Learning Strategy to create a new benchmark for "Liquor going out to Sea".

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On December 21, 2023, Cainiao Group and Guizhou Xijiu Electronic Commerce Information Industry Co., Ltd. held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony, the two sides will jointly explore the global supply chain, e-commerce sea and digital freight transport, green sustainable development and other fields, to help Guizhou Xijiu to create a new benchmark of "spirit out to sea".

According to the direction of the strategic agreement, Cainiao will provide full-link and digital global supply chain services for Guizhou Xijiu going out to sea, and plans to launch a special freight line covering Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, the Middle East and other countries and regions. Help Guizhou Xijiu e-commerce to go to sea and global warehouse distribution integrated supply chain construction.

Xijiu has a long wine-making history dating back to the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, and the "gentleman's taste culture" has a profound cultural heritage. It continues to innovate in product innovation, marketing reform and market layout. It has become the top eight brand of Chinese liquor and the second head brand of soy wine. Is actively seeking to go out to sea.

Cainiao has the world's largest network of cross-border e-commerce warehouses, operates about 3 million square meters of cross-border dedicated warehouses, 18 overseas distribution centers, and has about 170charter flights, charter boards and more than 2700 truck transport routes running around the world. and cooperate with service providers at more than 100 ports to establish an intelligent customs clearance system.

The reporter learned at the signing site that with the rise and vigorous development of alcohol e-commerce, the requirements for wine packaging and transportation are also rising. Different from other fast-consuming products, wine has a high value and is easy to be damaged in the process of transportation. On the one hand, high-end liquor has high requirements for the security of the whole logistics process; on the other hand, the liquor is fragile and has high requirements for cross-border transportation safety.

Especially for the demand of wine e-commerce going out to sea, Cainiao global digital supply chain can realize the visualization of full-link logistics nodes from factories, port trailers, shipping to destination delivery. Through the real-time location tracking through the whole GPS, the rookie can feedback the real-time location of the global transportation of wine at any time.

Specifically, in terms of transport safety, Cainiao's domestic railway section uses high-side cars to ensure the safety of liquor transportation; Cainiao's exclusive liquor warehouse at Shenzhen port can professionally temporarily store liquor and replace shipping containers, and the whole process can be monitored to ensure that there is no theft, damage, etc. In terms of the certainty of maritime performance, Cainiao and the shipping company directly sign to lock the shipping space in advance, 100% cabin and locker in peak season, and use high-certainty performance service to help Guizhou Xijiu grasp the overseas promotion node and expand the scale of overseas business.

Yuan Xiaojun, general manager of Guizhou Xijiu E-commerce Information Industry Co., Ltd., said that the competition of Chinese wine enterprises in the international market is largely the competition of supply chain capacity. Xijiu has always adhered to the concept of quality first and the strategy of globalization. Cainiao has a global cross-border e-commerce logistics and supply chain network, which is of great strategic significance for building wine brands around the world. Rookie's innovative model is bound to bring more capacity to Xijiu, through the joint construction of the offshore supply chain, from online to offline, to comprehensively display and promote the brand around the world, which is conducive to the continuous creation of value for both sides.

Li Fangfang, deputy general manager of the shipping supply chain of Cainiao Group, said that the strategic cooperation with Xijiu is an important milestone for Cainiao's international supply chain to penetrate into the liquor industry. Cainiao will give full play to the advantages of global digital freight transportation and end-to-end one-stop service. fully link with Guizhou Xijiu to enhance the international influence of Xijiu. In the future, the two sides will also carry out in-depth cooperation and discussion on the combination of online and offline going to sea, supply chain path optimization, intelligent decision-making, green packaging and so on.

It is reported that, as the world's largest cross-border e-commerce logistics company, Cainiao global intelligent logistics network covers more than 200 countries and regions. In fiscal year 2023, Cainiao handled more than 1.5 billion cross-border parcels, serving 133 million cross-border consumers, more than 100000 merchants and brands.

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