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Make another breakthrough in overseas markets! Seth clock system accurately helps Pakistan TV broadcast!

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Shulou( Report--

Seth clock system helps Pakistan state television (PTV) broadcast media business accurately.

2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the "the belt and road initiative" initiative and the 10th anniversary of the launch of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, an important pilot project of "the belt and road initiative." The "the belt and road initiative" initiative is of great significance to regional economic development. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a "beacon" project that drives the economic and social development of Pakistan and promotes the process of regional interconnection and integration.

Pakistan National Television, fully known as Pakistan Television Limited (hereinafter referred to as "PTV"), was founded in 1964. It is a national television station fully controlled by the Pakistan government. It is headquartered in Islamabad, the capital, with a national audience coverage rate of 87.8%.

Clock synchronization is the cornerstone of broadcasting media business.

Time synchronization in the field of radio and television media refers to keeping the time of radio and television programs consistent with the standard time through certain technical means.

Frequency synchronization in the field of radio and television media mainly refers to maintaining the frequency consistency of signals during the transmission of radio and television signals to ensure that receiving equipment can receive and process signals correctly. Frequency synchronization is very important in the field of radio and television media. The transmission of radio and television signals needs to follow a certain frequency range and modulation mode.

Synchronization of time and frequency helps ensure accuracy and consistency of programming, as well as improving the viewing experience for viewers.

Saisi crystal oscillator, atomic clock, clock chip products

In recent years, with the vigorous development of a large number of new technologies, new equipment, new applications and new scenes in the field of radio and television and network audio-visual, such as XR virtual production, 3D audio, etc., the data information to be processed by the system is becoming more and more redundant. In key fields such as digital content production, digital network construction, audio and video signal transmission, digital service convergence, IP network production and broadcasting, once the time and frequency of the transmitting end and the receiving end are inconsistent, it may lead to problems such as signal distortion, interference and failure to receive normally, resulting in broadcasting accidents.

The configuration of high-precision clock synchronization system can guarantee the transmission of radio and television media communication signals, reduce delay and error, and bring smooth and efficient experience to radio and television audio-visual transmission.

The clock system can enable the operation of the broadcasting system through the following steps:

1. Receiving GPS satellite signals: The device obtains accurate time and frequency information by receiving GPS /Beidou satellite signals. These satellite signals contain high-precision atomic clock signals and navigation information, which can provide extremely high time accuracy and stability.

2. Extraction of time information: The equipment extracts time information from GPS /Beidou satellite signals, including time information such as year, month, day, hour, minute and second. This information is highly synchronized with UTC (Universal Standard Time).

3. Calibrate local clock: The device uses the extracted time information to calibrate the local clock. It includes adjusting the frequency and phase of the local clock to keep it consistent with GPS /Beidou satellite signals.

4. Continuous monitoring and adjustment: The device continuously monitors GPS /Beidou satellite signals and adjusts the frequency and phase of the local clock in real time to maintain altitude synchronization with UTC.

Through the above steps, the clock system can provide high-precision clock signals for the broadcasting and television media system, ensure time synchronization among nodes in the broadcasting and television system, including audio and video synchronization, transmission and processing of broadcasting and television signals, equipment time, etc., and reduce adverse effects caused by network delay and time inconsistency. This synchronization method has high accuracy and stability, and is suitable for large-scale broadcast television transmission networks.

Seth NTP Time Synchronization Server

Seth end-to-end time-frequency products and solutions effectively drive intelligent development.

For Seth, technology is fundamental. Saisi is a clock system product suitable for broadcasting media field. It is a new type of time server based on Beidou and GPS technology to provide high-precision synchronization signals to broadcasting systems. Support dual satellite redundancy configuration, support rubidium atomic clock, with multi-channel 10MHz and 1PPS output interface.

10MHz signals are commonly used in applications such as digital audio broadcasting (DAB) and digital video broadcasting (DVB). In these applications, the receiving device requires a high-precision clock reference signal to decode and process audio and video data, and by combining the accurate time information from the NTP server with the 10MHz clock reference signal, the time synchronization accuracy and consistency of the program can be further improved.

Seth Radio and Television Clock System TB7000

Today, when the whole world is promoting the construction of smart radio and television and the integration and development of media, there is still a long way to go to build a time-frequency ecosystem that is self-reliant in science and technology. Of course, the application of Seth clock products is extensive and far-reaching. In addition to the field of radio and television media, it has also landed in important fields such as 5G communication, smart grid, smart city, rail transit, intelligent building, satellite navigation, etc.

SEX Clock System TS8000

Saisi adheres to the guidance of social intelligence demand, takes the construction of time-frequency ecology as its mission, and takes time-frequency to assist the development of social industry as its goal. It constantly strengthens the core research of clock technology, improves the end-to-end time-frequency industrial chain layout from components to complete machines to industrial solutions, and promotes the construction of high-quality digital industry with high-performance clock infrastructure.

In the application practice of a series of large and small industries such as intelligent broadcasting and media integration development, the concept of "time-frequency technology drives intelligent development" will be carried out to the end to inject time-frequency golden ridge power into the intelligent future. Although the road is far, the line will come!

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