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Cool I Music is listed in QuestMobile's annual APP Top list: strength comes from ingenuity.

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Shulou( Report--

A few days ago, QuestMobile 2023 Annual report on the Core Trends of the Internet in China was released, and a number of annual TOP lists were released at the same time. With its high-quality music content, excellent listening experience and good reputation, Kuwo Music was ranked on the "2023 Chinese Internet Technology interest list" and the "2023 Chinese Internet Electronic Digital Industry user preference Media App TOP list".

QuestMobile is a domestic mobile Internet big data research company whose data is logged into the national academic core journals. The data samples and analysis reports provided have become the data source of scientific research projects in many universities and national institutions. Its selection is rigorous and authoritative, which is enough to prove the outstanding strength of Cool Music in the mobile music industry.

Strength comes from persevering commitment. Since its birth, Kuwi Music has been committed to exploring the multi-scene companionship of music to people, and continues to meet the personalized needs of users' music scenes with high-quality music content and innovative music experience. At the same time, Kuwi Music vigorously arranges the typical accompanying scene of cars. At present, the number of cooperation between domestic and foreign car companies has exceeded 60, covering more than 80% of the car brands on the market.

Content is the king, creating a multicultural matrix

Cool my music has always made music content a top priority. With years of intensive cultivation, it has a massive genuine music library of 100 million, with songs covering pop, electronic, folk, jazz and other genres. At the same time, Kuwi Music is also one of the preferred platforms for singers and artists to release new songs, and cooperate with the major popular variety shows to deliver high-quality music content to users as soon as possible. Join hands with industry partners at home and abroad to enrich the music content and make the global digital music entertainment ecology of multicultural matrix coexistence more complete.

Kuwi Music is also in depth in the field of audio, covering different categories such as audio books, crosstalk, emotions, children and so on, which can meet the needs of entertainment, knowledge and companionship in different scenes of different ages. Among them, the children's category features outstanding content, children's favorite piggy Peggy, Altman, Baby bus and other IP content can be found in the children's area, teaching and fun, accompany big friends and children to travel easily. Cool long audio has covered mobile phones, smart homes, watches, learning machines, cars and other terminal devices, has been recognized by the industry and users, and the penetration rate has increased by 50% in 2022.

Experience first, adhere to functional innovation and upgrading

In terms of user experience, Kuwi Music continues to explore the multi-scene companionship of music to people. In 2022, Kuwi Music launched the scene music section "ing", which provides sleep, driving, work and learning scenes music immersive experience, for users to create a more practical, more immersive, better understand your music scene, to help users focus on work content, so that music "companionship" everywhere.

Recently, aiming at the features of iOS 17, Kuwi Music has launched three major functional innovations: widget player, iMessage Cool personal Cartoon sticker and StandBy standby display, allowing users to experience the smooth experience brought by technological innovation while listening to music.

Keep pace with the times, leading in the vehicle terminal industry

The in-car scene has gradually become an important direction of the online music platform. Kuwi Music opened a comprehensive layout as early as 2016, and in 2018 it established the only in-car sound laboratory in the industry, with continuous investment in technology. Kuwi car version 6.0, embodies the representative research and development achievements of several Kuwi car sound laboratories-- transcribed music of vinyl, 5.1surround sound area, Hi-Res sound quality, holographic sound scene, etc., as well as new Galaxy sound function and brand-new UI interface. Forward-looking technology provides users with high-quality audio-visual experience when they travel.

In addition to the advantages of sound quality, sound effects and content, Kui car has won the favor of car companies by virtue of its customized ability. Kuwi music car team has an independent and complete delivery team, integrating customization, technology, product, operation, debugging and other departments to provide car companies with a complete set of service processes from research and development to delivery and subsequent upgrades. Combined with user data, big data algorithm and artificial intelligence analysis, personalized music entertainment content recommendation can be carried out through the joint operation of products and content to improve the quality of user service with the car factory.

With the recognition of multiple industries, Kuwi Music in the future will also adhere to its original intention, rely on the advantages of resources and platforms, continue to innovate and change, cultivate high-quality content, contribute to the high-quality development of the online music industry, and accompany all scenes of users' lives.

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