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Huawei nova 12 series snow scene atmosphere is coming! Yi Yi Qianxi holds the new machine, showing a touch of confidence in winter.

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The Winter Solstice, who coincides with the 24 solar terms on December 22, Huawei officials specially shared the snowy atmosphere performed by Yi Qianxi, the spokesman of Huawei nova 12 series, which undoubtedly added to the expectation of the new product to be unveiled.

In this blockbuster, Yi Yi Qianxi holds Huawei's nova 12 series mobile phones and places himself in the snow in silver. In the picture, he echoes with the winter scene, and the nova 12 series mobile phone held by Yi Qianxi has become a beautiful scenery against the snow.

In the snowy atmosphere blockbuster shared by Huawei, the appearance of the new Huawei nova 12 series of phones has also been further unveiled. Unexpectedly, Huawei nova 12 series inherited the excellent design genes of Huawei nova products, especially the highly praised "plain skin embossing process" on the previous generation, which also appeared on the new products, making the phone exude a stylish flavor.

In ID design, the matching of plain leather backplane and exquisite metal ring can be clearly seen through the snow blockbuster and the preheated video released before. At the same time, compared with the previous generation, Huawei nova 12 series nova embossing seems to have become larger and more three-dimensional, visually richer and more layered. The design that displays the nova brand logo on the plain leather as a "star sign" also further demonstrates Huawei's confidence in the nova brand and deepens the mobile phone users' sense of belonging to the brand.

Unexpectedly, the color matching of Huawei's nova 12 series is even more eye-catching-it uses a highly saturated blue, and this subversive choice also reflects the unique interest and pursuit of generation Z mobile phone users. Bold blue and plain leather make Huawei nova 12 series show a relaxed and confident attitude while showing dazzling fashion. This unique color matching and design complement each other with the winter snow blockbuster, creating a kind of rare vitality and lightness in winter.

Huawei nova 12 series mobile phones in the snow blockbuster glow with a different brilliance in winter, just like the young people represented by Huawei nova 12 series, with boundless vitality and self-confidence.

Of course, taking into account the needs of users with different aesthetic orientations, Huawei nova 12 series phones are bound to provide a color scheme with white, gold and other colors as the main colors. I believe that young people who like bright and dazzling or low-key luxury can find the fashion items that best suit them this winter. In addition, we can also make a bold guess, whether the blue that appears in the snow poster will be the main "intergenerational color" of Huawei nova 12 series.

In the end, on December 18, Huawei Terminal announced that the nova 12 series of phones would soon join the Vanguard program. According to previous revelations, the new Huawei nova 12 series may upgrade the phone's rear lens module, front camera and communication performance, and support two-way satellite communications.

At a time when new machines are coming on the market, Huawei's official announcement that nova is about to join the vanguard plan makes people look forward to its performance. At present, under the "siege" of new machines such as Hongmi K70 Pro, True self GT5 Pro, one plus 12 and Glory 90GT, Huawei nova 12 series has been booked by more than 1.06 million people eight days after its opening, which shows the power of its products.

As for any other surprises, more detailed information will wait until the real debut of the Huawei nova 12 series, so let's look forward to the launch together!

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