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Data leaked by hackers show that Sony is expected to extend PS Plus to more platforms and integrate third-party subscription services.

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Shulou( Report--, Dec. 22 (Xinhua)-- hacker team Rhysida recently leaked a lot of internal data from Sony Game Studio Insomniac Games, which revealed a new strategy within Sony-the company plans to expand its PS Plus subscription service to more platforms. learned from leaked documents by hackers that Sony's strategy is to "attract more potential users through a unified subscription program on multiple platforms". The company plans to expand its PS Plus subscription service from its existing PlayStation hosting platform to PC, mobile, browser and smart TV platforms, with a strategy called "Services 3.0".

▲ Picture Source Hacker Rhysida Home Forum (same as below)

The document also mentioned that Sony plans to integrate R Star "GTA+", Disney +, Spotify subscription, Miha Youyou game subscription and other services in PS Plus, so as to expand the cross-platform PS Plus subscription program to compete with Microsoft XGPU service.

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