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Rookie deepens the construction of Spanish express delivery network, and the volume of cross-border e-commerce is growing strongly.

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The volume of cross-border e-commerce increased strongly, and the construction of overseas local networks accelerated again.

Recently, the reporter learned from Cainiao that Cainiao International Express will further layout the construction of Spain's local express network. At present, the Cainiao self-operated express network has covered 47 major regions of Spain (including 3 outer islands), 23 key cities, such as Madrid and Barcelona, can achieve local express delivery "next day", and other regions "every other day". In addition, "weekend delivery" services have been launched in core urban areas such as Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia to meet the growing demand of local consumers for e-commerce logistics.

With the advent of "double 11", "Black five" and Christmas at the end of the year, Cainiao International Express has also accelerated its network in Spain, adding self-operated distribution stations in Biscaya, Asturias, Mallorca and La Corunia. In addition, trucks sent from the Cainiao Madrid distribution center to various regions have been dispatched daily, with distribution stations covering 47 cities, which can be further speeded up at the end.

It is understood that since the official launch of self-management business in Spain in 2021, the performance capability of Cainiao's local self-management distribution network has improved rapidly. In September this year, Cainiao United Express officially launched "Global 5 Rida" international express products, and Spain was one of the first landing markets. During the double 11 superimposed black five promotion period of the Cainiao Madrid Distribution Center this year, the average daily package volume increased by 800% compared with the same period last year.

With the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, the last kilometer distribution is related to consumer experience and has become a key link of cross-border logistics. To this end, in Spain, Cainiao relies on its self-built express delivery network, which can provide cross-border parcels, local warehouse delivery, landing distribution, city distribution and other logistics solutions for local and Chinese cross-border merchants; in France and Brazil, Cainiao further deepens the construction of terminal distribution network; in Poland, Cainiao is preparing to build the largest local pick-up cabinet network.

It is understood that, as the world's largest cross-border e-commerce logistics company, Cainiao global intelligent logistics network covers more than 200 countries and regions. In fiscal year 2023, Cainiao handled more than 1.5 billion cross-border parcels, serving 133 million cross-border consumers, more than 100000 merchants and brands.

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