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Shanghai has launched the "Sunshine Price Action for Automobile sales" to provide goods and services at reasonable prices.

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Thanks to netizens and soft media users for 1353584 clue delivery! news on December 22, the Shanghai Municipal Market Regulatory Bureau organized the "Sunshine Price Action for Automobile sales" to strengthen internal price management and provide goods and services at reasonable prices. A hundred automobile sales enterprises signed a commitment.

According to the Price Law, Tuyuan Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau has formulated the Shanghai Automobile sales Price behavior Guide and the Shanghai Automobile sales Service charging Project demonstration Table, the Municipal Automobile sales Industry Association, and more than 100 major automobile sales enterprises as the first batch of "Industry Price Integrity commitment" in this city.

Tu Yuan noted that the guidelines require automobile sales companies to strictly implement the "two distinctions."

Distinguish between the price behavior of automobile products and the price behavior of sales services, and classify and standardize the price clearly. In particular, in view of the "various" service charges that have been widely concerned by the media, the "demonstration table" used in this promotion has carried out a clear and exemplary unity of the project name, project content and charging nature.

Distinguish between collection and payment fees and agency service charges. The collection and payment fees are required to be "settled strictly according to the facts" and "provide vouchers for payment". The charge for the agency service shall be chosen by the consumer, and the specific charging standard shall be based on the price clearly marked by the operator. Charges for personalized services other than basic sales services shall be agreed upon by both parties to the transaction through consultation and agreed upon by contract.

Agency service charges to achieve the "four not", platform operators to achieve abnormal price early warning.

Do not charge only for no service or less service

The same service content shall not be marked for duplicate charges in different service items.

Obligations that should be borne by oneself shall not be charged in the name of other services

Consumers shall not be forced to pay emergency fees, purchase financial loan services, purchase insurance or other agency services, etc., in a compulsory or disguised form.

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