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NetEase's game "shooting Sculpture" will start the "three-end roaming" fee deletion test on January 12 next year.

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Shulou( Report--, December 22 (Xinhua)-- according to the official website of NetEase's new tour "shooting Eagle", the test of "three-end roaming" will be launched on January 12 next year. The work has entered the final stage of preparation before its launch, and NetEase's management revealed at the third-quarter earnings call that it should be launched by the second quarter of next year at the latest.

"shooting Sculpture" is NetEase's martial arts adventure RPG game, with the authentic IP license of Jin Yong's shooting and carving trilogy. Officials say the goal and vision at the beginning of the development is "do not open new clothes, do not roll clothes, control numerical expansion."

The company held a "Iron Blood Dan Heart" closed test in December last year and will log on to PC and mobile platforms. Then, from July 21 to August 24 this year, the test of "showing one's powers" was launched. attached configuration requirements:

Recommended configuration for PC: i7-10700 or Ruilong 9 5900, 16G memory, RTX 2060 SUPER or RX 6600 and equivalent performance configuration. The device operating system requires Windows 10 + 11 64-bit.

Android: Xiaomi 13 Pro / Huawei Mate 60 / vivo X90 or above, mobile devices with Snapdragon 8 Gen2 / Kirin 9000 0s / Tianji 9200 and above processors, operating system Android 9 or above

IOS side: iPhone 13 Pro or above (not supported by Mac devices), iPad with A14 or above processors, iOS 14 or above is required for operating system

Minimum configuration PC side: i7-9700 or Ruilong 53600X, 16G memory, GTX 1060 (6GB) and equivalent performance configuration, device operating system requires Windows 10ram 11 64-bit

Android end: mobile devices with Mi 10 / Huawei Mate 40 / OPPO Reno6 Pro and above, equipped with Snapdragon 865 / Kirin 9000e / Tianji 1200 and above processors, operating system Android 9 or above

IOS side: iPhone 11 or above (not supported by Mac devices), iPad with A12 and above processors, operating system iOS 14 or above

The project team has previously promised that "shooting carving" will inevitably build a payment concept that is green enough, does not force the liver, does not force krypton, and controls numerical expansion. The mall will not sell any numerical value or growth materials, nor will it allow the numerical value to expand arbitrarily. Officials hope that the main source of reward will be obtained in the process of exploring the big world.

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