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The plan for new farmers to support the three farmers in the special area will be upgraded quickly.

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Shulou( Report--

In order to help the development of rural talents and let more high-quality content of agriculture, rural areas and farmers "break the circle", on December 21, Kuaishou launched a new online "New Farmer support area". Kuaishou App search "Kuaishou New Farmer Community" can enter the page. The special area brings together a number of support plans for agriculture, rural areas and farmers, activities related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers, as well as pastoral life, agricultural technology and other types of works on agriculture, rural areas and farmers. At the same time, Kuaishou Agriculture, Rural areas and Farmers further strengthen the "Kuaishou Sannong Red Man Program" in this area, increase online policy support and offline advanced training, help more creators of agriculture, rural areas and farmers grow rapidly and tap new opportunities for agriculture, rural areas and farmers.

It is understood that the training section of the upgraded version of the Kuaishou three Farmers Plan will cover the whole country, and the content creators who have completed the general courses of the online basic class and selected through the assessment can be promoted to the advanced class for the next stage of study and improve their account incubation and cash-out ability.

Compared with the basic class, the advanced class mainly starts from the special ability module, relies on the interactive scene of offline training, and drives the creators of agriculture, rural areas and farmers to complete the immersive practice simulation exercise in the form of "workshop". During this period, there will also be professional mentors on-site comments and guidance, saying that "point-to-point" helps creators who participate in the training to find problems and solve pain points, so as to promote creators' creative skills from green to mature, and gradually become a more representative new farmer in his village.

During the first Kuaishou ecological conference on agriculture, rural areas and farmers in October this year, Kuaishou announced the launch of two new support programs for the creators of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. " Kuaishou San Nong Red Man Program provides creators training camp, ten thousand yuan growth bonus, 100 million flow support for rural creators who have not settled in Kuaishou or less than 10,000 Kuaishou fans; Kuaishou Sannong ploughing Program provides cash sharing of works, resident growth support, official operation 1v1 content guidance and other support rights and interests for rural creators who are actively engaged in Kuaishou farming.

Up to now, a total of 2746 creators have participated in the online community training of the first phase of the Kuaishou three Farmers Plan. With the help of professional self-media courses, accompanying operation services and traffic support provided by Kuaishou, the per capita fan has increased by 2000 cents. As a result, a number of high-quality rural creators have emerged. A total of 554 Kuaishou exclusive creators who participated in the Kuaishou agriculture, rural areas and farmers cultivation program have received cash subsidies, and the per capita monthly income of Kuaishou has increased by nearly 40% after participating in the program.

"I always thought that rape would not survive after it was broken. After all, it had only such a pole, and all its hopes for the future should lie on it, but I found that it actually grew lateral buds, and it grew bigger and bigger and even exceeded the previous main pole." The creator of agriculture, rural areas and farmers @ the Prince of Rural Dragon, fumbled out his own content style during the "Kuaishou three Rural Red people Program" training, and gained millions of fans a month during the training period with the characteristic content of "farming and enlightenment".

For a long time, Kuaishou insists on using the power of short video live broadcast platform to bridge the "digital gap" between urban and rural areas, incubating diverse rural creators, promoting a variety of rural career development, and attracting and driving more talents to return home to start businesses and take root in rural areas. According to the data, the number of users interested in Kuaishou, agriculture, rural areas and farmers has reached 330 million, rural users have 780 million interactions on Kuaishou every day, 42.46 million rural users create and share on Kuaishou every month, rural users publish 378 million messages per month, and watch a total of 116.5 billion live broadcasts every year. This year, the scale of Kuaishou agricultural technology writers has reached 216000, and agricultural material sales GMV has increased by 50% compared with 2022. From January to June 2023, Kuaishou has 100000 "village sowing" through online and offline training, and 16 new occupations covered by village broadcasting.

With the emergence of more and more rural people and the stimulation of more and more rural potential, Kuaishou, rural areas and farmers will continue to increase their support programs to explore and train more characteristic leaders and rural talents from the perspective of talent, culture and other points. promote more rural beauty and good things into thousands of households, so as to form a path for the long-term development of rural revitalization and inject new vitality into the development of happy villages.

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