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Leading the new trend of the live broadcast industry, the list of the top 100 anchors of Kuaishou in 2023 was announced.

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At 12:00 on December 20, the list of the top 100 Kuaishou anchors was officially announced. High-quality anchors who perform a variety of lives and show the same love in the studio have become the focus of heated discussion because of the more possibilities of unlocking ordinary lives. It is reported that this is the third year that Kuaishou selected the top 100 anchors. This year's top 100 anchors not only gathered the most representative 100 + anchors in this year's station, but also covered dozens of subdivided live broadcast categories on the platform, fully demonstrating the rich, diverse, interesting and useful ecological panorama of Kuaishou live streaming.

Set up a benchmark for high-quality anchors and continue to lead the new trend of the live broadcast industry.

The annual evaluation of the top 100 anchors of Kuaishou is different from the common fans to vote, the honor standard is more dimensional, omni-directional and three-dimensional. This year, Kuaishou comprehensively selected 100 + benchmark anchors who stand out in all content directions and vertical categories based on the three dimensions of LVB's influence, expression and growth. There are not only many users' favorite "old acquaintances", but also many shiny "new faces" on the list.

It is worth mentioning that the top 100 anchors of Kuaishou are more than just a list. As an inclusive digital community with an average daily active users of 387 million and influence over various industries, the top 100 anchors selected by Kuaishou over the years are not only a summary and prospect of their own live broadcast ecology and content, but also represent the evolution direction of the live broadcast industry to some extent. From the composition of the old anchors, we can see the platform's long-term recognition of benchmarking anchors. From the lineup of the new anchors, we can also see the platform's judgment on the content trend.

The content expression is richer, showing the ecological diversity of Kuaishou live broadcast.

Over the past year, the ecology of Kuaishou live streaming has continued to evolve, while anchors have explored more diversified forms of live broadcast content, showing richer forms of expression. As a result, the selection of the top 100 anchors of Kuaishou in 2023 has been upgraded to create ten awards, such as annual hot star, annual trend star, annual shining rookie star, annual dynamic interactive star and so on. This detail also fully confirms the diversity, tolerance and innovation of Kuaishou live broadcast ecology.

Among them, Xingguang stage dreamer @ Wu Wen stage, moved variety-level competitions to the live studio, providing a stage for more people to show their talents; "sharing" electronic pet @ Li Haoyan brought a new way of play with a two-dimensional virtual image to meet the desire of young people for interaction. Imitating the ceiling @ Ciyuan Cabinet Road Qi Pan Peach Club, which is comparable to the makeup, scenes and special effects of movies and TV dramas, to create good memories for the audience in the theme group broadcast. These anchors who play with the form of creative content have brought a new imagination to the live broadcast industry.

In addition, Mei sent male @ male Dong Fei to continue the dream of quintessence with Beijing Opera lovers from all over the country; Henan Opera inheritance ceiling @ final Na, singing millennium Chinese rhyme with "Old Opera, New spread"; Suona first Sister @ Quanxin ~ talent suona 118, blowing the local feelings of folk art to the audience; Quanyi potential unit @ Fu Boyuan, find "new rivers and lakes" for traditional Quyi. These anchors with special skills not only show their professionalism, but also lay the foundation for the continuous creation of IP symbols of Kuaishou traditional culture.

At the same time, the Internet month old @ Panjin farmer Liangzi (matchmaker), free matchmaking for single men and women, looking for the love of life; knowledge gold miner @ Peking University Man Brother, rely on learning to change their own destiny, duty-bound to devote themselves to education; beat the worker's mother's family @ Yan Wei primary school, with live broadcast with the post to solve the employment problem, serving 1 million + job seekers every year. The three senior managers carried Dr. Zhang Zhiying, broke up and crushed the medical knowledge, and devoted themselves to the popularization of science to treat "no disease." Because of them, live streaming is also expanding its social value.

The spiritual company of anchors and users is the source of the vitality of the live broadcast industry. Whether anchors are active in mature fields such as entertainment, e-commerce, games, pan-knowledge, short plays, sports, two-dimensional, agriculture, rural areas and farmers, or practitioners who use "live +" to realize new forms such as dating, real estate, recruitment, and used cars, they all establish a connection with the world through a small screen, from strangers they never know to "family" who are familiar with each other, so that everyone can feel the vitality of Kuaishou anchors.

Constantly expand the live broadcast mode to help anchors achieve growth and transition.

Nowadays, the increasingly rich and diverse Kuaishou live broadcast ecology has shown more and more influence on people's real life. At the same time, the demand for multi-segmented live content of users is also increasing, which means that the platform needs to continuously upgrade content to further meet the needs of users. Therefore, Kuaishou is determined to build a long-term, healthy and sustainable live broadcast ecology, continue to promote the training of high-quality content and anchors, and constantly expand new live broadcast models.

In order to make more anchors become leaders in the era of live broadcast content, Kuaishou, on the one hand, adheres to the values of equality and universal benefits and the mechanism of traffic distribution, which opens up a growing channel for anchors of all categories and levels, and helps anchors achieve professional development. On the one hand, we should explore opportunities in the strong trust of community culture, and broaden the boundaries of live streaming content along the directions of live broadcast + industrial services, live broadcast + technology upgrading, live broadcast + ecological scenarios, etc., to meet the new service needs of users in more scenarios.

Live recruitment, live dating, live car sales, live housing sales and other attempts prove that Kuaishou has the ability to connect various industries, but also completed the leap from content ecology to industrial ecology. It can be predicted that after Kuaishou continues to tamp the live broadcast ecology, the content quality of the platform will be climbed to another tall building, and the anchors will also get more room for development.

Thousands of live broadcasters start broadcasting every second, and the top 100 fast-hand anchors can stand out from them because of their differentiated style, novel and special categories, personality charm, and tacit understanding and feelings established with fans. These anchors who form a unique landscape not only inject the driving force of continuous evolution into the platform, but also further deepen users' awareness and recognition of Kuaishou live streaming ecology. From now on to December 30, Kuaishou search for "Top 100 anchors of 2023", and the top 100 highlights of the year will be broadcast continuously.

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