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The integration of data and reality, accept the reputation and walk! Yancheng Group won the "2023 Industry Innovation Model Award" of the fourth International Science and Technology Innovation Festival of STIF2023

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Shulou( Report--

On December 15, the fourth STIF2023 International Science and Technology creation Festival and Digital Servicing Conference, co-organized by the Central Network and the United Nations media, was held in Beijing. Yancheng Group was awarded the "2023 Industry Innovation Model Award" of the fourth International Science and Technology Innovation Festival of STIF2023.

STIF International Science and Technology Innovation Festival and Digital Service is one of the most influential annual events in the field of scientific and technological innovation and digital services, established in 2020. The event comprehensively displays the achievements of scientific and technological innovation in various forms, conveys the spirit of scientific innovation, and focuses on the latest development trend of science and technology, as well as new technologies and applications of science and technology around the world, so as to contribute to the power of science and technology.

The theme of this year's Science and Technology Festival is "Integration of data and reality, promoting High-quality Development". Online and offline, more than 1000 participants from the field of scientific and technological innovation and digital intelligence gathered online and offline to show their innovative achievements. More than 120 important guests shared cutting-edge views online and offline to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing current development.

At the 4th International Science and Technology Innovation Festival of this year, STIF2023 Group won the "2023 Industry Innovation Model Award" for its unique business model and service concept.

This is a high recognition from the industry and a compliment from all walks of life.

Since its establishment, Yicheng Group has always been deeply involved in the digital retail industry, providing e-commerce enterprises with high-quality services such as systematic education and training, one-to-one in-depth consulting services, digital empowerment, all-round industrial value-added services, companion investment and financing services, etc.

Moreover, Yancheng Group has also made outstanding achievements in "promoting the integrated development of the new digital economy and the real economy". For example, in the field of mathematical intelligence, the replacement and upgrading of business intelligence (BI) management systems, data operation tools and other software on the original system has not only helped more enterprises to accurately solve difficulties, but also greatly helped enterprises to reduce trial and error costs and time costs.

Liu Lu, head of the Brand Department of STIF2023 Group, was interviewed at the invitation of the organizers at the 4th International Science and Technology Innovation Festival. "in the 11 years since its establishment in 2012, the core competitiveness of Yancheng is that we can really help e-commerce companies achieve profitable growth in the projects they actually operate," she said. "

At the same time, she also mentioned: "the difficulties of enterprises occur in real time and change dynamically, and we promise to invite the most practical and front-line enterprise mentors and front-line traders in the industry to provide practical guidance to enterprises. These practical guidance can really help enterprises to achieve implementation and help enterprises to achieve profitability."

As a leading domestic digital retail ecological service brand, with excellent core advantages and capabilities, relying on professional industry experience and knowledge, in more than a decade of accumulation and continuous exploration, we polish, iterate and innovate our products, and have high standards and strict requirements for service and experience models. up to now, Canyon Group has excellent data from many leading industries.

There are more than 100000 in-depth service stores across the country, serving more than 620000 customers and more than 4000 national open classes. under the guidance of Yancheng, the cumulative sales of digital retailers have exceeded one trillion yuan, and there are nearly a thousand professional and reliable partners to protect the enterprise.

In the future, Yancheng Group will continue to give full play to its core competencies and advantages such as brand value, technological innovation and industrial resources, never forget its initial ideals and aspirations, make unremitting exploration, and constantly innovate and expand its own business areas and scope of services. grasp the development direction of digitalization, networking and intelligence, and continue to empower more digital retail enterprises to release vitality.

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