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QQ AMPM report: strong growth in supply and demand of short dramas, leading in fast-hand interaction and user penetration

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On December 19, QuestMobile, a third-party data organization, released the Annual report on Core Trends of the Internet in China (2023), which makes a comprehensive analysis of the future development trend of the Internet with data and cases.

According to the QuestMobile report, brand marketing strategy in 2023 is showing a new trend: new media channels with higher content extensibility and user interaction are increasingly valued by advertisers. Advertising revenue from Kuaishou, Weibo and Little Red Book increased year-on-year, with Kuaishou growing the fastest.

The most remarkable change in 2023 is that short dramas characterized by "short and fast" quickly entered the public's view and cut into people's fragmented time, and both ends of supply and demand showed strong growth, becoming a new option for content rookies and brand marketing. brand naming, brand implantation, brand customization and so on have greatly broadened the commercial realization space of short plays.

In the field of short play content and marketing, the two platforms occupy the main market and each has its own advantages. According to QuestMobile, the number of contributions to Douyin skits increased by 3% in September 2023 compared with the same period last year, showing an advantage in growth. Kuaishou skits have a longer settling time, showing stronger interaction and user penetration, up 6.2% and 14.6% respectively from the same period last year.

The short drama has attracted many brands to increase their marketing investment. Statistics show that in the summer of 2023, Kuaishou launched a total of 85 Star Mang skits, with a total of over 100 million skits broadcast, and the investment revenue of Star Mang skits increased by more than 10 times in the third quarter compared with the previous quarter.

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