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Weibo posted a real name notice for the front desk of the "self-media" account with more than 500000 followers, providing more traffic and cash-out support.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 22, a number of Weibo Vs posted that they had received a notice to fill in the real name information of the front desk of the "self-media" account, requiring "self-media" accounts with more than 500000 followers to fill in their real name information, which will be displayed on the profile page.

The notice shows that real-name accounts will be supported by more traffic and cash. If it is not completed by the end of this month, the public domain traffic and advertising sharing and reward of the account will be restricted, but the use of the basic functions of the account will not be affected. previously reported that several platforms have required "self-media" accounts with more than 1 million followers in social and current affairs, military, finance and economics, law, medical and other professional fields to fill in real-name information to further standardize the operation and management of "self-media" accounts.

Ordinary users and domain accounts that mainly share their daily life are not affected by the real name display at the front desk.

After the user fills in the real name information, the user's real name will be displayed on the profile page. For unlogged-in tourist users, users who have not passed the verification of real identity information, users with abnormal behavior, and users who have recently been dealt with due to unfriendly behavior, it is forbidden to view the real name information of other users at the front desk.

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