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Hyundai Motor's first hydrogen logistics vehicle demonstration project is put into operation in Guangzhou: 500 hydrogen-fueled vehicles are put into operation.

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Thanks to netizens West window past, soft media users 1353584 clue delivery!, December 23, according to Hyundai Automotive China official account, on December 22, Hyundai hydrogen Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. (H2 Solution) held the first batch of hydrogen logistics vehicle demonstration project vehicle delivery and commissioning to launch the first launch activities.

According to reports, the hydrogen logistics vehicle delivered this time is developed and manufactured by Hyundai Commercial vehicle (China) Co., Ltd., and is equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell system produced by HTWO Guangzhou.

▲ Tuyuan Hyundai Motor China's demonstration project will be the largest hydrogen energy demonstration project in the country, including 500 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The demonstration products are mainly 4.5-ton hydrogen fuel cell logistics vehicles, as well as 4.5-ton refrigerated vehicles, cleaning vehicles, public buses and many other products related to hydrogen fuel cell application scenarios.

In June 2023, Hyundai Automotive hydrogen fuel Cell system (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. (referred to as HTWO Guangzhou) was completed, which is Hyundai's first overseas hydrogen fuel cell R & D, production and sales base.

According to previous reports from, Qichen's first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, Qichen Big V, will also start commercial demonstration operation in January next year in Huadu District, Guangzhou, and will be used as a park ferry car and an official car.

According to the "Guangdong Action Plan for speeding up the Construction of fuel Cell vehicle demonstration cities 2021-2025", Guangdong will build 200 hydrogenation stations by 2025, with an annual hydrogen supply of more than 100000 tons, and the terminal price of hydrogen for vehicles will be reduced to less than 30 yuan / kilogram. Achieve the goal of promoting more than 10,000 fuel cell vehicles.

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