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Zero-running car will release "Technical Family Bucket" next month: showcase the latest results of LEAP3.0, and the new car C10 is expected to be released at the same time.

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Thanks to netizens and soft media users for 1353584 clue delivery!, December 23 (Xinhua)-- Zhu Jiangming, founder, chairman and CEO of Zero Motor, announced that next month (January 2024) will hold a "Global self-Research Open Day" to release the latest "technology bucket"-the latest achievements of the six modules of LEAP3.0 technology.

Zhu Jiangming also said that the reason why Zero C11 continues to sell well is due to its "global self-research", which enables the brand to have leading intelligent electric cutting-edge technology, and brings "luxury equal rights" to users, greatly reducing the cost of products.

Based on the centrally integrated electrical and electronic architecture of the four-leaf clover released earlier this year, LEAP 3.0 combines technologies and configurations including CTC 2.0 battery chassis integration, Qualcomm 8295 intelligent cockpit, lidar, etc., and claims to have 88% versatility, can adapt to 3600mm-5200mm drivers, and can be used to produce cars, SUV, MPV and crossover models.

Comprehensive previously reported that Zero's new car C10 is a new car based on LEAP 3.0, which Zhu Jiangming had planned to be released next month. Its long 4739mm, wide 1900mm, high 1680mm, wheelbase 2825mm, built-in Snapdragon 8295 processor, provides extended range and pure power.

In addition, a number of car bloggers have released spy photos of Zero's medium and large SUV new car C16. According to Zero's quarterly conference call in October this year, Zhu Jiangming said that the C16 will be released in June next year, when the car will simultaneously launch pure electric and extended range models, which will be developed based on 800V high voltage platform and support fast charging.

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