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Tencent Games Security Center: using mouse macros in "Crossing the Line of Fire" is cheating and will be blocked.

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Shulou( Report--, December 23, Tencent Games Security Center official account said last night that officials noticed that various forums were discussing whether the "mouse macro" would lead to the closure of the topic, and found that many players have misunderstandings about the mouse macro: this is part of the regular driver, opening in "Crossing the Line of Fire" is not cheating, will not be detected, will not be blocked.

First of all, the official said: the use of mouse macro cheating account, once detected, the account will be banned.

Tencent Games Security Center further explained the operation principle of mouse macros: mouse macros enable a series of actions or repetitive actions to be completed with one button after developers specially program some keys on the mouse, so as to play the limit operation that human beings can't play. not only that, some macros will also have cheating effects, such as no recoil, continuous firing, no delay and so on.

According to reports, compared with other peripheral cheating means, the mouse macro has the characteristics of low cost, and there are many sayings such as "difficult to detect" and "unbanned" spread among the players, resulting in some players still holding the mentality of "try" to use it. Officials say the mouse macro is "so destructive" to the fairness and balance of the game.

Officials also said that Tencent Games's security team has carried out a series of crackdowns on cheating accounts using mouse macros in "Crossing the Line of Fire" since 2019, setting up a special crackdown and classifying violations of using mouse macros into plug-in types. At present, the "mouse macro" script function that exists on the market has failed in CF games.

In November, after a wave of crackdowns on cheating accounts using mouse macros, 1568 illegal accounts were closed for 10 years, and players who used mouse macros were also detected.

In addition, according to a report in December of CTOnews.com2021, NetEase also issued a statement on severely cracking down on mouse macro auxiliary software: once the operation team found that players were using auxiliary third-party software such as abnormal mouse macros, they would deduct Rank points, temporarily freeze corresponding games, close accounts and other penalties.

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