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The fourth generation power station of Xilai has been officially released: equipped with station top photovoltaic system, 23 battery warehouses

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Thank netizens Yun for the clues delivery! news on December 23, the fourth generation power station of Xilai was officially released and began to be fully deployed in April 2024. For the whole of 2024, Weilai will add 1000 new exchange power stations in the Chinese market, with a total of more than 3310, 20000 new charging piles and more than 41000. noted that the Lulai fourth-generation replacement power station is equipped with 23 battery warehouses, the maximum daily service is 480 times, and the time for a single change of electricity is reduced by 22%. It is equipped with a 60-kilowatt-station top photovoltaic system, which saves nearly 18000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per station per year, making it an integrated optical storage and recharging station.

The fourth generation of Xilai power station is equipped with 4 Nvidia Orin X chips, 6 ultra-wide-angle lidar, and the whole station calculates 1016 TOPS; compatible multi-specification battery pack to support multi-brand shared power exchange.

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