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OpenGaussSummit2023 curtain is about to start, heavy content should not be missed!

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Basic software is the soul of the new generation of information technology and the foundation of the development of digital economy. As one of the most important basic software in IT industry, database is not only the cornerstone of thousands of industry data, but also the core of promoting the development of digital economy. With the further promotion of digital transformation and the explosive growth of data volume, the change of application demand promotes database technology innovation and accelerates the development of global database industry.

On December 28, 2023, openGauss Summit 2023 with the theme of "gathering the power of database innovation to build the cornerstone of thousands of industries" will be held at Hyatt Hotel in Wangjing, Beijing. This conference is guided by the Software Institute of the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center, the China Software Industry Association, and the Database Professional Committee of the China computer Society, and sponsored by the openGauss community, which aims to bring together production, learning, research and use, focus on the construction of core competencies of basic software, lead the prosperity and development of domestic database industry technology, ecology and commerce, and jointly build the future of the data economy.

Academicians, representatives of industrial organizations, database experts, industry users, scholars and representatives of the openGauss community will be invited to give keynote speeches to discuss openGauss's multi-scenario technological innovation and share openGauss-based industry joint innovation achievements and business practices. At the same time, the investigation report on the Application of Database in key Industries and the White Paper on Root Technology (Database Book) will be released during the conference. In addition, the meeting will also announce the 2023 openGauss benchmarking practice case, the 2023 Outstanding Enterprise contribution Award, the 2023 Outstanding developer Award and other awards.

OpenGauss as an open source database for digital infrastructure, since the open source in 2020, the openGauss community has developed rapidly. At present, the community has gathered 2.3 million users around the world, more than 6000 database developers at home and abroad, and more than 570 well-known enterprises and academic institutions have joined the community, becoming an important force in community development. A number of community partners have launched a commercial distribution version of the database based on openGauss, which is widely used in the core scenarios of government, finance, operators, power, manufacturing, health care and other industries. At this conference, a number of partners will jointly release a database release based on openGauss. At the same time, we will also release the latest data on openGauss business progress, as well as the latest progress in openGauss community governance, and work with industry to create the most innovative open source database root community. For more exciting content, stay tuned for openGauss Summit 2023 on December 28!

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