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Innovative "Glory Oasis Eye Protection screen" released to break through the new height of screen eye protection

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Shulou( Report--

In order to continuously promote the development of screen eye protection technology and provide consumers with a continuous iterative ultimate eye protection experience, on November 16, 2023, the Glory New Eye Protection Technology Communication Conference and the unveiling ceremony of Glory Eye Protection Laboratory was held in Pingshan, Shenzhen. Zhao Ming, CEO of Glory Terminal Co., Ltd., Fang Fei, president of product line, and Deng Bin, president of R & D management. Partners including Jin Zibing, Vice President of Beijing Tongren Hospital, Gao Wei, Party Committee Secretary of Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention and treatment Center, Li Zhiping, Vice President of Chinese Institute of Standardization, Yang Jiawei, Vice President of Electrical and Electronics of T Ü V Rheinland Greater China, and other guests attended. Zhang Deqiang, chairman of Vicino, Peng Xuhui, chairman of Tianma Microelectronics Co., Ltd., and Qiu Haijun, senior vice president of BOE Group, also sent congratulations on the establishment of the Glory Oasis Eye Protection Laboratory and the release of the Glory Oasis Eye screen.

Through the Glory Oasis Eye Care Lab, Glory will continue to cultivate eye care technology with partners to create a display oasis for consumers around the world. At the unveiling ceremony, Fang Fei, president of Glory Product Line, announced that the Glory 100 series released on November 23 will launch the Glory Oasis eye screen.

Rise abruptly based on accumulated strength, build eye protection benchmarking by deep ploughing of technology.

Since the establishment of the brand, Glory has always adhered to the concept of consumer-centered product innovation. Through the deep insight into users' usage habits, Glory pays attention to the potential demand of consumers' eye health, takes the lead in entering the field of health display, and has carried out a large number of low-level technical research. In this regard, Fang Fei, president of Glory Product Line, said confidently: "Glory has always been the leader of health display along the way."

In the three years since the establishment of New Glory, based on the pursuit of extreme productivism, relying on strong R & D team, equipment, technical strength, and leading industrial chain advantages, Glory has continuously promoted the innovation of screen eye protection technology with remarkable results.

Glory 50 series debut 1920Hz high frequency PWM dimming, Glory Magic Vs became the first phone to obtain VICO A + comfort certification from the winning bid Court, supporting natural light eye protection and sleep-aiding display; Glory 90 series global premiere zero risk dimming eye protection screen, supporting 3840Hz ultra high frequency PWM dimming, passed T Ü V strobe certification of Rheinland Germany. In addition, Glory also has a number of pioneering eye care technology and more than 100 eye protection patents, with a substantial lead in eye protection technology to provide a high standard eye protection model for the industry.

On this basis, Fang Fei, president of Glory Product Line, put forward a new direction of glorious eye protection technology: "taking screen technology as the base and human experience as the goal" to create a human-oriented, professional and standardized healthy display. The Glory Oasis Eye Protection Lab, born with the trend, will shoulder the important task of milestone in the display field in the future, jointly develop with global enterprises, institutions and developers, continue to cultivate eye protection technology, and create a display oasis for global consumers. Hai Nagawa converges technological advantages, leading the industry to breed new vitality in the market.

Benedict goes far, honors to explore the new future of intelligent terminal eye protection

The opening of Glory Eye Protection Laboratory will combine industrial advantage R & D resources, give innovation incubation acceleration, and explore the future of intelligent terminal eye protection.

In the past two years, consumers' awareness of eye protection has been greatly improved, which puts forward a higher demand for eye protection for intelligent terminal products. Through the Oasis Eye Care Lab, Glory will invest more than 1 billion of its R & D funds in the next three years in four areas: eye care standards and evaluation system construction, eye health and biology, advanced screen technology, and scientific research institutions. Deepen cooperation with partners to advance into eye protection research no man's land. Through in-depth research in the four major technical directions of improving basic display experience, quasi-natural light technology, human scene and crowd differences, and professional solutions to visual problems, taking screen technology as the base and human experience as the goal, to create a human-based, professional, standardized and healthy display.

Glory for the future layout of eye protection technology has been highly recognized by the partners. The representative of China Institute of Standardization believes that Glory's long-term exploration of eye protection technology is conducive to the continuous improvement of industry standards, and expects more manufacturers to participate in the promotion of eye protection screens. In their speech, the representative of T Ü V Rheinland greatly appreciated the practice of Glory taking the lead in eye protection technology, and hoped that Glory's leading technology would bring an excellent example to this field. On the other hand, the leading experts from the organization expounded the urgent status quo of national eye health problems from a professional point of view, and affirmed the long-term value of joint efforts to protect the eyes of the screen.

Zhao Ming, Honor CEO, said that Glory has always been people-centered and created a heart-warming intelligent technology. Glory in bringing the world's leading domestic independent research and development of eye protection screen, care for consumer eye health, but also opened up a new blue sea of industry. With the official opening of the Glory Oasis Eye Protection Laboratory and the first landing of the Glory Oasis Eye Protection screen on the Glory 100 series, the dual driving force formed by the integration of strong technology reserves and superior resources, it is bound to trigger the "butterfly effect" of technological changes in eye protection in the industry, promote the rapid development of the industry, and benefit more consumers.

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